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The Flow Newsletter Edition
Fall 2009
Go with The Flow holding Fa09Dear Readers,
When you are going with The Flow, you are coming along with us on a glass ride. You are beginning to see our T-shirts don the artists' backs, but you are also seeing The Flow and our staff at almost every major glass event in the country.The Flow now offers subscriptions in paper or CD format. After our 8th year in publication, we have been able to bring you some of our best tutorials that have been shared with The Flow readers selected from our archives in Beads & Jewelry 1 & 2, Sculptural 1 & 2, Marbles, and Advanced Techniques. On our CDs you'll find a collection of Projects in PDF format. All of the Tutorials and Articles are by and about leading glass artists and industry experts. The CDs also include Women in Glass, Emerging Artists, and a Canadian Gallery.
At this time The Flow can also say we host the largest Calendar of Events in the industry. When you subcribe to The Flow, you are supporting the glass arts. 

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Go with The Flow
The Glass Challenge has been extended to October 31, 2009. Beads, sculpture, mixed media, etc. are welcome.  Items will be judged on originality and creativity and, if it fits, the theme category of Nature!  Plus, Have Your Artwork Featured in The Flow Magazine Spring 2009 Nature issue. Get your Challenge in Now.
In June the City of Corning, New York, saw a flood of artists, educators, vendors, and collectors arrive for the 39th GAS Conference.  More than 1,400 GAS members came to work, listen to lectures, view demos, see vendors, and celebrate all that the GAS conference has to offer.
Corning Great Pumkin 1st The Great Pumpkin, Corning, NY
by Yvette Sterbenk

On September 17, 2009, The Corning Museum of Glass unveiled what it believes to be the world's largest glass pumpkin: a beautiful, giant, shiny orange globe measuring in at 97 inches in circumference and weighing in at about 70 pounds.
Degenerate FlameOff 09
On May 29-31,2009, competitors from all over the country gathered in Eugene, OR, for the First Annual Degenerate Flame Off (DFO). Once word got out, interest snowballed, and the event took on a life of its own. Functional Art is a movement to be reckoned with.
by Adam Villarreal

Colorado Project
On July 17 & 18, 2009, the boro boys and boro babes took the time off and stepped up. Shack Man Glass Studio in conjunction with Glasscraft Inc., hosted a two-day event, The Colorado Project, a collaborative glass art installation of a four-foot-by-eight-foot mask, to be auctioned raising money for the Univ. of Colorado Learning Landscapes program, rebuilding playgrounds in disrepair. 
Sculptural Soft Glass Bug
by Lewis Wilson
Lewis Wilson Bug

Lewis Wilson has worked in boro for over thirty-six
years, soft glass for over sixteen years, and with Uroboros 96 COE glass rods for about two years. Lewis has taken workshops in Murano, Italy, with Lucio Bubacco, who has greatly influenced his style of working soft glass. Techniques found in this tutorial will be useful for both hard and soft glass. Enjoy!
The Flow Cover Sp09The Flow Fall 2009
International Hot Glass Invitational Issue

Features: The Fall 2009 issue of The Flow, the glass journal for the flameworking community, features a tribute to the 2009 International Hot Glass Invitational (IHGI), the world's largest flame-off, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the same time as the Glass Craft & Bead Expo. Included are an overview of the event from the perspective of those working behind the scenes plus articles from six of the twelve teams of artists who competed during the IHGI. This great issue also includes highlights of the 2009 Degenerate Flame Off and the GAS Conference 2009, as well as the Colorado Project where flameworking artists helped raise money to rehab a playground for one of the elementary schools in the Denver, Colorado, area, and 3 featured Glass Craft Emerging Artists: Lucid Visions Glass Art, Dolly Ahles, and Genea Crivello-Knable

You'll find tutorials on how to make flames, Flames 101 by Tim Williams, continued installment Series on JC & MZ's Excellent Enamel Adventure staring JC Herrell and Margaret Zinser, Easy Column Ornaments by Don Parker, Snowflake Ornament by Kathy Griffiths, Elegant Goblets by Christian Luginger, Casting Geometric Forms
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