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The Flow® Fall 2023 is a feast for the Functional senses! Featuring our first Functional special in years, this issue is filled with innovative designs. The Gallery features the work of 13 flameworking artists showcasing different forms of functional glass, including wine stoppers, oil candle sculptures, rings, and smokeware. Imagery includes skulls, ocean life, abstract art, bees, teddy bears, and dragons. Glass Vegas brings us the winners of their 7th Annual World Series of Glass. The Flow writer Angie Rodgers covers the history and development of the Molten Art Classic, a collaborative event producing glass sculptures that push every boundary. The Corning Museum of Glass shares their 2nd annual functional collaboration featuring a breathtaking tree spirit and treehouse created by Laceface, Hickory, and Phil Siegel. Michael Weaver of KOBB Glass demonstrates a goblet with a fumed implosion stem and an opal inclusion. The Flow staff have written a short PSA alerting the glass community to recent social media scams that have been gaining traction. Steve Vaught and Geoff Madeley show us how to create a drinking glass using the encalmo technique, building sections separately then joining them in the flame. Joe Samuelson III talks to Josh Yunker of Yunk Glass, discussing the evolution of Yunk’s technique as he developed his distinctive style in the world of glass. Finally, Bob Harley Dawg demonstrates how to create a rainbow dichroic vac stack, which you’ll be able to use in this issue’s cup tutorials. Be sure to subscribe today at so you won’t miss a single issue! Subscribe today at



Welcome to The Flow® Summer 2023. We are thrilled to announce our theme for this issue is Vessels, with a strong focus on drinkware and groundbreaking tech collaborations. The Gallery features the work of 18 artists exhibiting skills in blown and carved glass, lathe-formed goblets and lids, fuming, stringer work, and lampworked vessels. The imagery included in the Gallery features skulls, ocean scenes, honeycomb, stylized faces, birds, flowers, wigwags, and plenty of abstract work. Avant-Garde Art Glass talks about their years of hard work developing Avant Tech, their carved-wall vessel technology previously unseen in the industry. Ben Belgrad, a central figure in the world of boro drinkware, talks about the evolution of drinking vessels and their growing social impact. Shane Fero takes us through his history of creating flameworked blown perfumeries, drawing on his painting skills to inform the composition of his vessels. Jake Colito has undertaken a global collaboration of vessel-building, and his epic project, Pints with Friends, is featured in this issue. Eric Goldschmidt of The Corning Museum of Glass demonstrates how to create a lid for any goblet or blown vessel. Susan Otto-Bain offers a step-by-step demonstration on how to make a flameworked on-mandrel vessel with surface decoration. And Bryan Ratcliffe, known on social media as Surfrat, offers valuable tips on how to build your brand and increase engagement on your social media platforms. Be sure to subscribe today at so you won’t miss a single issue. Subscribe today at


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