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Welcome to The Flow® Winter 2022 issue. In this issue we are celebrating our 18th Annual Women in Glass special, a longtime favorite among our contributors and readers. The 2022 18th Annual Women in Glass Gallery highlights a wealth of styles and includes mixed media work, enameled works, kiln formed pieces, torchworked forms and cold worked glass. Imagery in the Gallery includes marbles, beads, abstract styles set in silver and copper, floral and plant sculptures, dogs, seahorses, fish, floral murrine, Edgar Allan Poe, nudibranchs, disk beads, eyeballs, birds, toadstools, peaches on the branch, anthropomorphic bears and rabbits, health care workers, doves, hawks, hollow beads, stylized women with nature themes, earthworms, fish bones, necklaces and pendants, bees and babies, complex murrine of Moravian fairy tales, turtles, pumpkins, flamingos and other birds, faces, vessels, killer whales, carosel horses, starfish, trees, alien life, dot-stack beads, leaves, apples, stingrays, pears, peppers and fruits on framed platforms, skeletons, ocean life, cats, dragons, seahorses, and waterfalls. Swiss artist Krista Israel talks about her visionary work and how she interprets her emotional processes in glass. Belle Tsai paints with glass in three dimensions, drawing on the flowers in her homeland of Taiwan to guide her designs. The International Society of Glass Beadmakers held Your Bead for Venice, their first competition inviting their members to create beadwork using traditional Venetian techniques. Ania Karolina Kyte demonstrates how to design and create beads using frit. Terry Henry developed a technique to safely encase cremains in a stylish bead, and she leads us through a step-by-step demonstration. Angela McHale celebrates science through her art, drawing attention to the climate crisis and social justice issues with her plasma glass work. Be sure to subscribe today at so you won’t miss a single issue. Subscribe today at


Welcome to The Flow® Fall 2022 issue featuring My Signature Piece. This issue honors the unique voice of every artist, turning the spotlight to the distinctive styles of their work. The 2022 My Signature Piece Gallery features contributions from artists across five continents and is filled with ring beads, portraits, slugs, aliens, dancers, floral sculptures, birds, bees, dinosaurs, duckies, sea turtles, frogs, monkeys and skulls, horses bringing flowers, gnomes resting among toadstools, ocean floor scenes, abstract and floral marbles, warriors, human/bee hybrids, and an octopus preparing ramen. Russian artist Irina Sergeeva shows us how to build a stunning chrysanthemum from glass. Aaron Rovner-Buck talks about the inspiration that led to his realistic ramen creations. The Corning Museum of Glass hosted Dan Coyle, Ryan O’Keefe, and Adam Whobrey for a groundbreaking functional glass collaboration, showcasing the skills and talents of each artist. Del Hendrixson, Jr. talks about Bajito Onda, a design and decal business that doubles as a charity offering work to unemployable persons. Read an excerpt from The Art of Plasma by Wayne Strattman, a detailed and beautiful article touching on the history of plasma in glass art. Nikki Carollo takes us to her studio to demonstrate how to build your own screaming alien. Last of all, enjoy the winning pieces from the Glass.Vegas competition The World Series of Glass. Be sure to subscribe today at so you won’t miss a single issue. Subscribe today at

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