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From Los Angeles to Lauscha, lampworkers worldwide depend on The Flow to be their nexus of information.

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Engage the art glass community by submitting an ad in one—or all!—of our issues.

When you advertise in The Flow, you are displaying your products to a captive, interested audience. Our publication is the leading magazine in a specialized industry, and our readers enjoy every corner of every issue. Flameworkers are a dedicated group of artists who wholeheartedly support their community and their vendors. They are loyal consumers and eager shoppers. Show them how you can add value to their flameworking experience!

The Flow is a magazine by, for, and about flameworking and the lampworking community. We’re dedicated to exploring and celebrating our community from Los Angeles to Lauscha and highlighting the people, events, and ideas that make our community such an inspirational place. Over 5,000 lampworkers worldwide depend on The Flow to be thier nexus of information.

Throughout the pages of The Flow, we will:

    • Spotlight lampworking artists and organizations whose vision and commitment are shaping our community.
    • Celebrate our contributions to the arts through the creativity of our artists to local galleries and museums.* (*not sure what this sentence is supposed to say)
    • Highlight our flameworkers' unique design expressions within our themed issues.
    • Explore their diverse styles and share their experiences that help define our world-class magazine.
    • Present in-depth tutorials that teach techniques from the newest emerging glass artists to the masters of the glass world.

The Flow offers an editorial environment that is fresh and edgy without clutter or pretense, one that attracts writers and lampworkers who are passionate about their craft and our community.

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