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The Flow Newsletter Edition
Winter 2009
Flow Winter 09 Cover Holding MagDear Readers,

With the release of our Winter 2009 5th Annual Women in Glass issue, we also celebrate our twenty-fifth issue of The Flow. As we look back at our first release seven years ago, this is the perfect opportunity to say, "Thank you." The road we have all traveled through your submissions and contributions to your glass community is well documented in the archives of The Flow. On our CDs, Beads & Jewelry 1 & 2 and Sculptural 1 & 2 plus Marbles and Advanced Techniques, you'll find a collection of those Projects in PDF format. All of the Tutorials and Articles are by and about leading glass artists and industry experts. The CDs also include Women in Glass, Emerging Artists, and a Canadian Gallery.

At this time The Flow can also say we host the largest Calendar of Events in the industry. When you subscribe to The Flow, you are supporting the glass arts.


Happy Holidays,
Go with The Flow
by Marcie Davis
You will enjoy excerpts from an interview with Julie Riggs from Glasscaster, the Internet program that provides "hot glass talk in a high-tech world." Marcie had fun discussing Julie's "Artist's Eye for the Unusual" and her part in the Elements at Play Sculpture at IHGI.
Get more of Glasscaster live
Starkweather 125 x 250 Starkweather 125 x 250
For the newbie with  fresh tips from fresh experience. "The steps from Point A to Point B are not always as easy as someone who has done it for years makes it look." Helen offers shared skills from the heart.
Winter SkirtsWinter Skirts with T-Shirts
by Corinne Winters

The stack of your favorite event T-Shirts can become the perfect solution-create a cute and comfortable Skirt!  Make your own girly skirt, recycle with style, and get torching. Watch for new Flow T-shirts at The Best Bead Show
February 3 thru 7, 2010.
by Tim Kornahrens
Tent Spire full view 145 x 240
Tim Kornahrens of Team Scientific Splash demonstrates the tubes that create the outline of the, Elements at Play Sculpture, the Cirque du Soleil-style project, that took 2nd place at the International Hot Glass Invitational (IHGI).

Profitable Glass Hot Glass Profile, Eun-Suh Choi
by Colleen Bryan

Eun-Suh Choi Dreaming 145 x 240
Korean-born glass artist, Eun-Suh Choi, is something of a portrait artist whose flameworked pieces are personal narratives--portraits of her own moments of growth. Her story is the archetypal immigrant's tale.
photo by Kwang-Pyo Kim
The Kiln Corner-Observing A Kiln During Firing
by Arnold Howard
Kiln Corner 125 x 250

Arnold Howard, author of technical manuals for Paragon Industries, gives advice concerning all kilns. Included are ways to diagnose buzzing or popping sounds from your kiln, rising lid during firing, and gaps in your kiln door--what is normal and what is not. Follow this series.
The Flow Winter 2009
5th Annual Women in Glass Silver Anniversary Issue

Flow Winter 09 Cover 200 x 260Features: The Winter 2009 issue of The Flow, the glass journal for the flameworking community, features our 5th Annual Gallery of Women in Glass. You will also enjoy the spotlights on Sheila Collins, Phyllis McKenzie, Jean Robichaud, and Leslie L. Silverman as Ladies Behind the Scenes; Glasscaster with Marcie Davis, profiling Julie Riggs--Figures, Fairies, and Flameworking Magic; Glasscraft Emerging Artist Awards, featuring Jacqueline McKinny, Lisa Atchinson, and Martha Henry; Female Flame-Off 2009 by Adam Villarreal, and Aymie McKesson humors us with two contribution, Boro Stix--How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways and They Grow Good Corn in Colorado and something everyone can start the new year off with, Five Lessons in Approaching Galleries by Susan Hood.  

You'll find tutorials on how to Sculpt Boro Flowers Using the Leonardo Petal Puller by Karen Leonardo,What's Hot by Darlene Welch, Fire and Water by Sara Sally LaGrand, Honeybee Focal Bead by Kerri Fuhr, Cat's-Eye Bicone Bead by Darlene Hayes, Hippy Dippy Flowers by Amy Waldman-Smith, Blown Vessel with Lid by Lezlie Winemaker, Autumn Leaves by Jacqueline McKinny, Lava Lamp demonstration by Teresa Marie Metcalfe-Johnson, and The Kiln Corner--Observing a Kiln During Firing by Arnold Howard.

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