Spring 2009 Newsletter

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The Flow Newsletter Spring  Edition
May 2009
Dear Readers,

The Flow Cover Sp09With such a wealth of information available to pass along to our readers, we wanted to include as many articles and tutorials as possible. That's why we decided to provide shorter versions of several articles in our magazine and post the complete version on our website.  You'll find these exclusive online extended articles for the Seahorse Tutorial by Kimberly Affleck plus Tight Buds and Blossoms by Carmen Anderson featuring Kate Fowle Meleney, Kristina Logan, Sherry Bellamy, Melanie Moertel, and Terri Caspary Schmidt. We know you'll also want to read Shane Fero, American Lampworker Extraordinaire by Dr. Ed King. This is an in-depth interview, so sit back and enjoy yourself. 

Please visit our booth at the Degenerate Flame Off, presented by Cornerstone Glass and The Melting Pot, May 29-31, 2009, held in Eugene, Oregon.  

Keep it hot,
The Flow Magazine
Tight Buds and Blossoms Melanie Moertel Fairy Bead
by Carmen Anderson

Carmen has brought us five narratives presenting lampworking artists who have made the arduous journey from tight bud to a blossom. This article features Kate Fowle Meleney, Kristina Logan, Sherry Bellamy, Melanie Moertel, and Terri Caspary Schmidt.

Shane Fero--American Lampworker Extraordinaire
Shane Fero Loud Wren
by Dr. Ed King

An ex
clusive in-depth  interview with Shane Fero, who has contributed tremendously to lampworking in the U.S. and abroad through a long history of teaching and lecturing.
Seahorse Bead
by Kimberly Affleck  Afflect Seahorse Bead

Flow is pleased to bring this Extended Advanced Technique version to you. You will learn more than Kimberly's famed Seahorse, since she shares techniques that will carry throughout your art. Please be patient as this 14-page extended tutorial downloads.

Functional Art Glass from the
underground from artist Abe Fleishman, ACE, Alex K, Christina Cody, Cowboy, Doshworld, Eusheen, Freeek, Hamm, Jahnny Rise, Josh McDaniel, Midas, Marcel Braun, Kevin Nail, ME, and Sheepdawg, to name just a few.
The Flow Spring 2009 - Sculptural  Issue

Features: Glasscaster with Marcie Davis and Suellen Fowler, Sharing the Chemistry of Color; Art Glass Invitational 2008; An Affair to Remember by Aymie McKesson; Casting for the Flameworker, An Introduction by Milon Townsend; Dream Glass Studio with Ocean View by Kay Bain Weiner; An Interview with Sharon Peters by Kendra Sanders; Diary of a Beadmaker--The Switch by Patricia Trout, Sculpture Gallery Featuring nine sculptural flameworking artists; Glasscraft  Emerging Artists Featuring Brad Pearson, Chris VanGoethem, and Adam Sultan

The Flow Cover Sp09 Tutorials: Owl by Catharine Weaver; West Highland Terrier Bead by Kathy Johnson; Nesting Raked Rainbow Beads--A Tutorial for Beginning Soft Glass Beadmakers by Jeri L. Warhaftig; Form and Function--Creating a Lady Slipper Orchid Oil Diffuser by Corinne Winters; MZ & JC's Excellent Enamel Adventure--Enamels for Base Color by Margaret Zinser and JC Herrell; Chili Pepper Strand by Karl Taylor; Sculptured Rose Perfume Bottle by Brayton Furlong; Encapsulated Lizard Paperweight by Jim D'Onofrio and Laurie Nessel; Venetian-Style Seashell Sculpture by Mike Warren and Naomi Clark; Sculptural Floral Filigree Vessel by Cesare Toffolo.
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