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Northstar Glassworks is pleased to announce the return of Aquamania Rods and Sluggers! Aquamania V2 is our popular Nemo/Ghost formula that starts as a white opalescent and works to a beautiful opal aqua blue. Rods and Sluggers are made with first-quality materials and sold as transitional or second quality due to shorter or thinner final product. While you’re here, don’t forget to stock up on our three most current WonderTube combinations: WT-062 NS Yellow over Europa Star, WT-059 Extra Light Yellow over NS Orange, and WT-060 Pomegranate over Canary. Need some new stringers? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Heavy Blue Leprechaun 2 – 3 mm stringers. Don’t hesitate! Our color runs are limited and are sure to sell out quickly. Visit for these selections and more, or call us toll-free at  866-684-6986.

The Art of Plasma BookFixed

The Art of Plasma The Art of Plasma by Wayne Strattman is the first book dedicated to the medium of plasma art. Glass, gas, and electricity combine to create unique possibilities for artists. Historical techniques are now made modern in this hands-on text, revealing ways to fuse art with science to create revolutionary forms of light art. The history, theory, and practice of the plasma artist are all covered to give the practitioner both context and practical information to work within this dynamic medium. Retail or purchase inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  For individual purchases, visit    617-266-8821


Griffin Npr Fume HoodGriffin Npr Fume Exhaustjpg

Griffin Glass Tools has six different exhaust hood kits available. There are essentially two different size sheet metal hoods and a few different fan sizes available in these preset kits. The hood ships conveniently and cost effectively in a flat panel cardboard box via UPS ground. The assembly time to put the hood together is approximately 2 hours. This is not a brand new product, but Griffin has added some great options recently. Most of all, the company wants to let folks know this is available, as they have had many satisfied customers who bought and installed this product. Visit   for more details.



1 Griffin glass logo

Griffin Glass Tools presents the Taffy Turner Riser. This awesome add-on for Taffy Turner will allow it to sit at the perfect working height for your torch. Made from American 6061 aluminum, the entire roller can slide forward into the work area and back out of the flame when needed. Once attached to the Riser plate by screwing the existing turner feet into the brass “slide” bushings, Taffy Turner rides on oil-infused brass bushings. It will slide freely in the Riser slots, allowing you to slide the entire roller forward into your working area and back out of the flame when needed. The threaded feet raise the plate 1 to 5 inches for an adjustable working height.   607-331-6221    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



1 Griffin glass logo

Griffin Glass Tools presents the Taffy Turner, a four-wheel roller created from a collaborative design between Griffin Glass and Nikolai of Taffy Tubes for centering and shaping soft glass. The spacing between the two sets of wheels on the Taffy Turner allows for the soft glass “crawl” technique. Using this technique, larger pieces of glass can be worked for longer periods of time with minimal fatigue. The roller is made of anodized aluminum, 2 brass wheels, stainless steel bearings, and hardware, and the wheels can be set to three different spacing positions in order to accommodate different diameter tubing. Taffy Turner has an overall length of just over 7 with 5-1/2 of space in between the two sets of wheels. The height of the work piece is 7 off the bench when it is rested on the wheels. Taffy Turner also features a flip up metal D-ring, which allows the tube end of a work piece to be secured to the roller hands free, which can be very useful when you are adding attachments to the work piece or doing anything that requires both hands and want the work to stay on the roller and in the heat. Since the unit is held together by the end caps, the tool can be easily broken down into a much smaller foot print for traveling.   607-331-6221    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG) has announced an upcoming exhibition. On July 3, 2021, CMoG, located within New York State’s Finger Lakes Wine Country, will open Fire and Vine: The Story of Glass and Wine, a special exhibit exploring the deeply entwined relationship between wine and glass. Presenting the art, history, and science of how glass touches wine as it travels from the grape to the bottle, then to the cups on our tables, the exhibit is largely drawn from the Museum’s own holdings, the world’s most comprehensive collection of glass.

Corning NPR 734Web300Corning NPR 934Web300

Fire and Vine will also demonstrate how the combination of wine and glass has figured into social gatherings for thousands of years from the lavish feasts of Ancient Rome to the polite society of 1700s Britain, as well as the essential experience within our food culture today. The exhibit, which runs through December 31, 2022, is organized by Katherine Larson, curator of Ancient Glass at CMoG.




Griffin Glass Tools presents the Glass Thread Holding Tool to hold GL-style glass threads in two sizes, the GL18 and GL25. The thread holding portion of this tool is made from a super high-grade, ultra dense graphite and has a stainless steel handle. The tubes have been put through a straightening die in order to assure a straight handle. The ultra high-density graphite, which has also been thoroughly tested in order to assure longevity, is the best material to come into contact with the glass threads in order to avoid stress to the thread blank. The manufactured glass threads come with a plastic cap on the thread blank and are a great solution to holding the threads that will become the cap/top of a flask or vessel. Just make the vessel that will have a threaded cap, open the top of the vessel, place the glass thread blank in the thread holding tool, and tear off any extra clear glass from below the threads. At that point, all you need to do is weld the GL-style glass threads to the top of the vessel. Visit the company’s website for more information on these great new tools.   607-331-6221   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




BeadFX offers a wide variety of classes throughout the year. This fall on September 27–29, the company will be presenting a class with Karina Guevin. The artist’s playful flamework jewelry and sculptures inspired by nature have been recognized with a Francois-Houde Award and grants from the Canadian and Quebec Consul for the Arts, La SODEC, and a Gilles Verville grant in visual art. Guevin is regularly invited to teach in many studios including The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass, Pilchuck Glass School, Nijiima in Japan, Pratt in Seattle, Washington, and the Pittsburgh Glass Center. Her work is part of many private and public collections and has been shown in North America, Europe, and Asia. E-mail Pam to get on the waiting list for this class and to inquire about other visiting instructors.   877‑473‑2323   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Bandhu Dunham provides great support and education for flameworking artists via his Contemporary Lampworking: The Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame book series. In Volumes 1 and 2, you’ll find expert advise on equipment, safety, and studio set-up plus basic and advanced techniques. Each 256-page volume contains black-and-white plus color gallery sections. The 320-page Volume 3 provides information on advanced studies of nature forms and proportion, kinetic glass, international techniques, updated safety info, and more. Visit the website for more information on these great artist resources.    800‑515‑7281




The Flow magazine is proud to announce that it is the new home and owner of The Flow Webinars, formerly known as Glasscraft Webinars. David Winship, former president of Glasscraft, Inc., recently announced that Glasscraft has transferred production and publication of this great resource for flameworkers to the magazine. “The digital and print expertise of  The Flow will allow the company to build upon and expand on the work that Glasscraft started, and everyone involved is excited about the possibilities. ” Check the magazine’s website for upcoming offerings. Store ~ The Flow Webinars    502-222-5631




The Studio at The Corning Museum of Glass recently announced the 2019 Artist in Residence Recipients. Twelve artists from around the world will each spend one month at The Studio researching and experimenting with new techniques to further their work. Additionally, two artists and two scholars have been selected for the David Whitehouse Research Artist and Scholar Residencies. All of the recipients will have up to three weeks of access to the wealth of information available in the Rakow Library and will provide a public Lunchtime Lecture on their findings.800-732-6845   607-937-5371




Glass Patterns Quarterly (GPQ) now offers a way to take advantage of all the exciting, informative classes presented through its Webinar program. Glass enthusiasts will now be able to purchase links to recorded Glass Expert Webinars™ classes that include the full chat between the teacher and students who attended the live class plus all of the PDF handouts provided by the teacher. The link allows you to view the Webinar class as often as you like on your own schedule—a huge value. Viewing a recorded link via iPhone or iPad is not possible, but they may be viewed with any laptop or desktop computer and are compatible with all operating systems. If this is your first time viewing a recorded link or you have not participated in a live Webinar event before, you will need to download the free Adobe Connect app. Go to the “Glass Expert Webinars™” link on the GPQ home page, then to the “Recorded Webinar Links” area for a list of recorded Webinars that are currently available.,502-222-5631   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Laser Cutter Paragon Kilns 6

Paragon Industries, L.P. has brought space age science into kiln production. The company’s recently acquired laser cutter means that its sheet metal parts are the best that Paragon has ever produced, since it is now able to make most of them with the laser. The laser cutter is capable of extremely fine detail, which provides the improvement of parts such as kiln switch boxes, stainless steel cases, and kiln stands. The laser also allows for more efficient production and a faster turnaround time for kiln orders.   972‑288‑7557   800‑876‑4328 



His Glassworks Penny

His Glassworks is pleased to offer the LapDancer external faceting arm for use with any flat lap grinder to accurately and quickly create facets on anything from beads and paperweights to marbles and anything in between. The LapDancer is available in three different colors online at the company’s website and over the phone.   828-254-2559   800-914-7463




Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) now has beautiful transparent colored glass frit coated with quality CBS Rainbow Dichroic available in 90 and 96 COE. This is a brand new CBS product and is a great addition to any project. It is currently available in 90 and 96 COE only in these transparent colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow, all with Rainbow Coating. Like the  company’s regular coarse frit, these will come in individual two-ounce tubes. CBS will also be offering a Frit Sample Set with all five transparent glass colors plus the regular clear and black frit, all with CBS Rainbow Coating in half-ounce tubes, available immediately at both CBS and your local distributors.   714-538-0888




Weaver Industries has just introduced its new 10-in-1 Marble Mold/Marver. The mold sizes are in increments of millimeters. It comes with an orange urethane handle with the marble mold cavities all on one side with the sizes CNC engraved. The back side is a smooth working surface to use as a multifunctional tool.   717-336-4182   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Skutt Kilns presents the new KilnMaster Touchscreen with built-in WiFi. Like your Smartphone, the new KMT controller navigates with just the touch of a finger and guides you through programming with full sentences, helpful icons, and dynamic navigation. Built-in WiFi makes it possible to download any software feature upgrades for free, so it’s like having a new Kiln Controller for the life of the kiln. This feature also allows you to monitor your kiln temperature and status from your smartphone. The Hinged Controller allows you to move the controller up and down to an angle that is comfortable for you to program. After programming, you can push it back down so it is out of your way and easy to view from across the room and has the same functions as the standard GlassMaster plus more.   503‑774‑6000



AF II book cover ol

Milon Townsend announces his latest book, Advanced Flameworking, Vol. II – Dichroic Coated Glass. This new volume covers everything from learning how to use boro plate glass and how to knap it to properly heating and adhering it to other pieces of boro. These techniques open up many avenues for artists outside the glass itself. The new volume contains 2,000 photos and diagrams, 45 different dichroic applications, and detailed process descriptions.   585-315-2448     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



1 Griffin glass logo

Griffin Glass presents its new website where you can find flameworking tools that are designed and produced by flameworker Scott Griffin. The homepage has a dropdown with links to all of the company’s tools including categories for studio equipment and torch accessories, a multitude of hand tools, apparel and Kevlar gloves, and gift cards. There is also access to the Tools Blog, where you can find helpful information on various Griffin tools plus upcoming events. Be sure to visit this great new website and explore the fantastic flameworking products from Griffin Glass.   607‑331‑6221   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


His Glassworks is now offering radiused, electroplated diamond wheels in a lower cost format. This is a perfect way for those who have always wanted to try batutto on their glass surfaces but have been discouraged by the cost to try their hand at surface grinding or for prototyping new work. These wheels can be ordered by phone or online.   828-254-2559


Olympic Color Rods presents Kenova Round Blocks, part of the company’s Blockhead Blocks line of hardwood shaping tools for glassblowers. Kenova Round Blocks, named in honor of the late block master Walter Evans, are modeled on notes and interviews with Evans as well as his illustrations. They are available in three styles—Belgian, German, and Kenova Knob. In keeping with tradition, the Kenova blocks have fractional inch increments from 1‑1/2" to 5". Custom sizes are also available on request. Visit the company’s website for more details.   800‑445‑7742   206‑343‑7742



Covington Engineering is a leader in the manufacture of cold working equipment. The company caries a full line of grinding and polishing units and supplies. These precision-based machines are a lifelong investment with options for hobbyists and professionals alike. Covington’s newest design, the “Mini” lathe, features a true running shaft that allows engravers to smoothly carve glass. Purchase Covington equipment and supplies with confidence.   877-793-6636


Astral Glass Studio, LLC presents the Astral Glass ChopMaster™ Base Unit with Cane/Rod Gauge (Patent Pending). These nippers have all of the Base Unit benefits plus they easily chop vitrigraph cane into consistent lengths for fusing with straight cuts that stand up easily. They allow the chopping of glass with greatly reduced hand strain. Wheeled nippers are not included. The Base Unit and Cane/Rod gauge can be purchased on the company’s website.   928-379-5986


Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) presents the company’s new Blue Glow Pigment, which joins the CBS line of Aqua and Yellow Pigments. This 100 percent glow-in-the-dark pigment has not been diluted with any filler, making this a unique addition to any functional or decorative art glass piece. Because this glow pigment has no COE, it can be used in fusing, glassblowing, casting, lampworking, and even with borosilicate. To activate the glow, expose the glow pigment to a light source for at least one minute for a short-term glow. For longer durations, expose to sunlight. Glow times and brightness will vary, depending on many factors. Videos, information on how to use the product, and helpful fusing schedules can be found on the CBS website by clicking on the GLOW link.


ARTCO welcomes its hot glass customers to Gloves for Glassblowers, a shopping cart created by the company in an effort to better supply its hot glass customers with protective clothing. It is important to be able to safely handle, manipulate, and move items that are very hot as well as to protect hands, arms, face, and bodies from the heat. For over 25 years, ARTCO has been supplying hot glass artists with a full line of high-temperature protective clothing including gloves, mitts, sleeves, cover mitts, and other protective items. Glassblowers, however, are not the only people who need high-temp protection, and ARTCO also services potters, ceramicists, raku artists, people with wood-fired bread or pizza ovens, and those doing metal heat treating. The company even has crematorium supply companies as customers. An assortment of protective garments is available in several different materials, so there is one that is bound to meet everyone’s needs. When you visit the website, be sure to read the report, “How to Select the Right High Temperature Glove.” The “Contact Us” link can be used to get any answers that customers need to help them find the right product.
408-288-7978   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Griffin Glass has now added small and large butter knives to the quality line of tools from Griffin Glass Tools. Please check the company’s website for these and many other new sculpting and lathe-related tools.
607‑331‑6221   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


D&L Art Glass Supply has a great lineup of classes to help you enhance your artistic talents. The 2018 schedule offers a diversified array of classes for all levels of glass artists. Accomplished instructors such as Evelyn Baker, Joanna Manousis, Jessi Moore, Kathy Thaden, and Paul Messink will share their well-crafted techniques. Topics will include fusing, stained glass, pâte de verre, painting, sculpting, mosaics, and more. Let the beautiful Colorado Rockies be the backdrop as you broaden your abilities in D&L’s spacious state-of-the-art studio in Denver, Colorado, just 25 minutes from the Denver International Airport. Full class descriptions and schedules can be found on the company’s website.
800‑525‑0940   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Evenheat Kiln introduces the new GTS 41, a large top-load only kiln. The fiber lid on the GTS 41 is constructed of Superwool fiber that weighs less than a traditional firebrick lid and makes opening and closing the kiln very easy. It also does not produce the small “stones” that are often associated with traditional firebrick designs. The lid features surface mount heating elements for maximum heat transfer plus the company’s exclusive swing view adjustable control panel for comfortable programming and use. Excellent extended handles also offer an easy reach and confident grip. Available equipped with the TAP touchscreen, Genesis touchscreen, RM3, or Set-Pro controls as well as the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System, the GTS 41 measures 40.5" wide by 25.25" front to back by 13.5" deep. It has a full, seamless shelf and is capable of all glass firing techniques up to 1800°F, including fusing, slumping, painting, and casting.


Olympic Color Rods presents two new glassblowing color rods from Sun Spot. Iron Maiden offers a wide range of color that is similar to Reichenbach’s Iris Orange and Multicolor Dark. Blue Oyster Cult also offers a wide range of tones in dark to light blues and greens.
800‑445‑7742   206‑343‑7336




Bethlehem Burners offers four different levels of torch repair options, including a General Cleaning, Valve Replacement, Center Fire Replacement, and Manifold Upgrade or Replacement. Each torch receives a free diagnostic test upon arrival. Repairs only take between one and two weeks. For more information, call or visit the “Services and Warranty” link on the company’s website.   610‑838‑7034


Weaver Industries presents the 12-in-1 Marble Mold with Handle. Made from dense, fine-grain graphite, all of the mold’s surfaces are machined 1‑15/16" to 2" x 4‑1/8" x 4‑1/8", with an overall length, including the handle, of 12". One side of the mold features cavities in 1/4"-diameter increments, with 1/8"-diameter increments on the flip side of the mold. The handle makes it possible for glass artists to flip the graphite to use the marble cavities on both sides of the mold without getting their hands dirty by touching the graphite. A porous carbon insulator sleeve at the bottom of the handle helps to reduce heat transfer from the graphite.   717‑336‑7507   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CGBeads invites you to try the latest CGBeadroller Twisted Texture bead mold. The BR-204 Twisted Texture mold, not your ordinary texture tool, has a concave trough that adds a twisted texture to the curve of a donut bead. Its companion tool, the BR-205, has eight additional bead size options including four 7 mm slots in 16x8, 17x8, 18x8, and 19x8 plus four 4 mm slots in 13x8, 14x8, 15x8, and 16x8. A demo can be found on the company’s website in “Demo Videos” under the “Info” drop-down menu.   940‑458‑8322   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Glastar presents the Model B15 Combination Wet Belt Sander and Disc Grinder. This sander has a strong 1/3 horsepower variable speed motor, sturdy construction, direct water hookup, an adjustable water spout, and easy-to-make belt adjustments. Made in the USA, it’s completely plumbed for use with either a recirculating pump or city water supply and comes with a 6-inch flush mount disc with polishing pad and three different grit belts.
800-423‑5635   818‑341‑0301


His Glassworks is pleased to offer the AIR-300, the newest air powered right-angle grinder from Alpha Tools. This water-fed grinder is a more compact right angle grinder with a lighter weight for longer work with less fatigue. It’s capable of working with both 2-inch and 4-inch backer pads and diamond disks for more versatility. The AIR-300, backer pads, and diamond disks can all be ordered by phone or online at the company’s website.


Bethlehem Burners has new flameworking torches specifically designed to work and excel with low pressure O2 concentrators. The internal structure of this new generation of Bethlehem Burners torches allows large amounts of fuel to travel through the torch using very little pressure. Low pressure fuel flow creates a low velocity flame that is traveling at a slower rate, which in turn allows more time for the fuels to mix. Having more O2 available equals more fuel that you can burn, and that equals more heat. This new generation of torches includes four different configurations: the Alpha, Bravo, Champion, and Grand models. Visit the company’s website for more details.   610‑838‑7034


Janice Peacock is a glass flameworking artist and instructor whose work has been exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collections of several museums. She has combined her passions for glassworking and murder mysteries to create her highly successful Glass Bead Mystery Series starring glass bead maker and amateur sleuth Jax O’Connell. The novels in the series, High Strung, A Bead in the Hand, and the newest release, Off the Beadin’ Path, are filled with Janice’s wit and great writing, as well as flameworking wisdom shared through the characters as they work their way through plot twists and turns. Visit her website and follow her on social media to learn more about Janice, her glass art, and her novels.


Milon Townsend presents Advanced Flameworking, Vol. II: Dichroic Coated Glass, his first major new book in 15 years. The 126 pages, formatted in an 8‑1/2" x 11" size, are spiral bound for ease of use on the work area and contain nearly 2,000 color photos. In addition to various innovations, practical executions, and a multitude of applications for dichroic glass, the detailed, thorough, and organized list of short cuts and how-to sequences includes the uses and possible outcomes for dichro. Milon also provides an introduction to this often misunderstood, difficult to work material while giving readers an outline using the Townsend method for breaking down and executing lampworking techniques. In the tradition of Advanced Flameworking, Vol. I, the artist gives readers a foundation for solving problems and creating as a lampworking artist or craftsperson.   585‑392‑6476


CGBeads introduces another category to its CGBeadroller graphite cavity marvers. A hybrid of a barrel and a bicone, Hexagons are the hottest new shape. Easy to form, they range in graduated sizes of 1 mm from 10 mm to 22 mm diameters.   940‑458‑8322   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Paragon Industries, presents the Sentinel Smart Touch, a new optional touch screen controller. The Sentinel uses the same wiring harness as Paragon’s standard Sentry 12-key controller and can replace the 12-key on existing Paragon kilns. It can be updated through Wi-Fi, and custom Ramp-Hold programs can have a program title entered through the touch screen. The firing schedule can be edited during firing using Skip Step, Add Segments, Add Temperature, and Add Time. The Sentinel can also turn a kiln vent on or off for each segment of a program. Visit the company’s website for more details.   800‑876‑4328


Griffin Glass Tools has added three new lathe-oriented hand tools that have a number of uses on the sculpting side as well. The two with long, narrow rectangular graphite shapes and square edge can get into very tight spaces for creating sharp, distinct shoulders. Their fully rounded edge is great for putting on finished details but avoiding the lines left behind that typically come from the sharp edge of the paddle. Griffin’s “graphite butter knife” has a sharp edge all the way around the outside of the elongated oval blade with a middle that is very narrow and slightly contoured and can help smooth the surface material of a specific area on a sculpted object or create definition by using the knife edge in valleys or sharp angles while building a mille. 607‑331‑6221   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


His Glassworks is now offering two different 3M Buttercut sandblast resists in the 45 mil 507 and 35 mil models. Both are excellent for sandblasting and acid etching on your glass. The 507 material is available in 12 inch by 10 yard and 24 inch by 10 yard rolls as well as by the square foot. The 1532 material is available in 15 inch by 10 yard and 30 inch by 10 yard rolls. These products and the new 2017 catalog are available online or by phone.   800-914-7463   828-254-2559


Stainless Bottle Stoppers offers a large selection of stainless bottle stoppers. Made in the USA, all stoppers are manufactured from 18-8 FDA food contact compliant 304 stainless steel. Visit the company’s website for more details.   570-253-0112   
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Ed Hoy’s International has now added new Wissmach fusible glass sample packs to its world-class inventory. In an effort to present the versatile colors and styles of fusible Wissmach glass products to the public, the company has created an eclectic blend of Wissmach sheet glass designed to give artists a deeper scope of one of the nation’s oldest and most respected glass producers. These latest sample packs include ten 8" x 8" sheets of Wissmach fusible glass. Interested glass artists can learn more about Wissmach glass products available through Ed Hoy’s International or purchase these new sample packs online.  800‑323‑5668   iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


D&L Art Glass Supply allows artists to present their work in style. Display plates, bowls, and panels with elegant stands are now available. These sturdy interlocking stands are designed to easily break down for storing, ship flat, and are available in two sizes and finishes. The stands and all new items can be seen on the company’s website.  800‑525‑0940   iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ARTCO has been serving the glassblowing community since 1985. The company, which first catered to furnace workers, has over the years experienced an expanded customer base. In 2005, it began to expand its product line even more to include products that are trustworthy and dependable, and founded the company on the concept of offering only items that they would use themselves. Their goal is to provide the best quality, selection, and service possible. Please visit the company’s website for a look at the great products available from ARTCO.
408‑288‑7978   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


His Glassworks is pleased to announce a new steel welded 18-gauge tabletop sandblast unit. It is now in limited availability at a low introductory price for efficiently, easily sandblasting small objects and saving space in your studio. The BT20 sandblast unit measures 20" x 18" x 28", uses 3.6 CFM of air at 50 psi, and offers a great solution for the small shop. It’s available now online or by phone. Visit the company’s website for more information. 800‑914‑7463   828‑254‑2559



Evenheat Kilns introduces the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System. This new system does away with traditional mechanical relays and uses solid state relays instead. Mechanical relays wear out and fail at some point, but solid state means that there are no moving parts, nothing to wear out, and nothing to replace. Solid state also means superior heating element operation, resulting in tighter temperature control, longer heating element life, and enhanced performance. The Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System is available as an option on all Evenheat models equipped with electronic controls.  989-­856‑2281


Ed Hoy’s International is now open to the public, both online and onsite, through the Ed Hoy Concept Store. Glass enthusiasts of all levels will find a world-class retail experience with glass from many of the top companies in the industry including Youghiogheny, Armstrong, Wissmach, Kokomo, Bullseye, System 96®, Simax, TAG, and Northstar. The company is also committed to enriching the glass community through weekly workshops.
800‑468‑4527   630‑225‑3900


Olympic Color Rods now has the BMG-04CM Graphite Marver Block from Blockhead Tools. These blocks sit on the marver not far from the furnace. Just a quick step sets your bubble, ready for another gather. Gather once, give it a quick blocking at the marver, and gather again without having to sit down at the bench. The marver block sits firmly on rubber feet to prevent sliding off the marver and is secured to a birch ply base, which will protect the block even if it does take a tumble. Best of all, a graphite marver block never burns out. 
206‑343‑7336   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paragon Kilns is excited to announce its newest glass kiln, the massive Paragon Ovation-1213. Figured at cost per cubic foot, it is one of the company’s lowest priced kilns. Compared to smaller kilns, this 28" x 40‑1/2" x 13‑1/4" interior allows artists to fire large projects such as bowls or platters in one load. Artists can watch their glass projects through two peepholes or order the optional 1" x 2" glass windows. The kiln includes a heating element in the lid as well as the sidewalls for superb heat distribution and has a rugged, reliable design that is built to last. It includes dual spring-assisted lid supports to transfer the weight of the lid to a massive hinge assembly on the back of the kiln, which reduces stress on the kiln wall resulting in the long life for which Paragon kilns are famous. The Ovation-1213 comes standard with a mercury relay plus 3"-thick walls, lid, and bottom bricks, and an advanced digital Sentry 2.0 12-key controller. In addition, it uses pinless element grooves, and the long sections of wall are cemented for strength. Visit the company’s website for more details on this outstanding new kiln.  800‑876‑4328   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


WyzGuy Radio offers entertaining, informative podcasts with the goal of educating and inspiring today’s glass artists to think like entrepreneurs. Hosted by full-time flameworker Jason Michael, the podcasts share conversations with glass artists who reveal their tips for finding success in their businesses. Visit the WyzGuy Media website to find artist resources, podcast archives, and much more.



Evenheat is happy to announce the introduction of the new V8 Multi-Purpose/Vitrigraph kiln. The V8 is sized perfectly for home studios, teachers, instructors, and test kiln use. It’s capable of all firing types and techniques including glass, vitrigraph, ceramic, metal clays, and has a stackable design that makes placement easy. The V8 easily transforms into the ultimate vitrigraph kiln with its vitrigraph base accessory. Highlights include a corner-mounted thermocouple, which means more usable floor space, and the ability to handle larger pots up to 7‑1/4", a large 2‑1/2" hole in the base for unimpeded glass flow, and ample power to get there. The V8 incorporates Evenheat’s new relay access port (patent pending) for simple, no-panel-off relay replacement. Designed with convenient use in mind, the V8 operates from a standard household plug. The V8 – Better by Design. Visit the company’s website for more details.  989‑856‑2281


Ed Hoy’s International now has an expanded selection of borosilicate glass. Simax Borosilicate glass, Northstar Rods, and Trautman Art Glass (TAG) have been added to the growing offerings of 33 COE glass. Ed Hoy’s now services all levels of customers from retail to wholesale. For more information please visit the company’s website.  800‑323‑5668   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) presents two new products. CBS Glow Pigment is a top-quality powder to add to your glass projects to make them glow in the dark. With no COE, it’s fun and easy to use. CBS Border Fire Strips are in the same family as the company’s Wavy Fire Strips, the difference being that they have one straight edge and one design edge. This makes them the perfect choice for an outside border, or they can be fit together for a unique design element. As always, they come in clear and black 90 and 96 COE. Visit the CBS website or stop by the company’s booth #209 at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, to see all of the latest products.  714‑538‑0888


CGBeadroller, in celebration of its 6th anniversary, has added another sampler to its Anniversary Sampler tool line The Ringed Sampler makes it easy to add strategically placed stringer rings to four basic bead shapes. For more information please visit the company’s website.   940‑458‑8322   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


D&L Art Glass Supply is pleased to offer the new TAP controller on select Evenheat kilns. This innovative controller features touch screen technology and Wi-Fi compatibility. The large-screen, full-text display includes firing schedule titles, schedule development and selection, temperature set points, and more in an easy-to-read format. In addition, the artist is able to create and store virtually unlimited firing schedules for future use, but the TAP doesn’t stop there. It also offers on-the-fly changes during a firing, diagnostics of heating elements, cost per firing, and other desirable features. Learn more about the TAP controller and available TAP-equipped kilns on the company’s website.   800‑525‑0940   303‑449‑8737



His Glassworks is proud to offer the new Covington Professional Lathe for glass cutting and engraving. This self-contained single arm lathe accepts Morse 3 taper spindles, so it’s compatible with all existing Spatzier and Merker cutting spindles. The lathe boasts a high torque DC motor with electronic variable speed control. This is the perfect lathe for cutting, engraving, and polishing and comes with a one-inch threaded spindle for immediate use of all modern cold working wheels. The lathe is available immediately online or by phone.  800‑914‑7463   828-2559


Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) presents Glow Pigment. Hit it with light and watch it glow in the dark. It works with any COE glass and can be used for glassblowing, lampworking, fusing, casting, and borosilicate artwork. Visit the company’s website for a how-to video plus pricing and additional information.  714-538-0888


Evenheat Kilns now offers the TAP Touch Screen Kiln Controller on its kilns. The large display allows information to be presented in legible word form with nothing cryptic or confusing. Simply respond to the screen with a touch. The TAP controller is preloaded with firing schedules for glass, ceramic, or metal clay use but also allows personal firing information for full artistic control. Designed for computer networking via USB Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections, it allows users to monitor the kiln, develop and edit programs, and perform functions from a network-connected computer, tablet, or other mobile devise. Wi-fi and Web-based Apps are expected to be available by the end of 2015. Its many features include real-time graphical viewing and on-the-fly features plus diagnostic and preventative support. Visit the website to find out more.


Olympic Color Rods introduces 24" Electroplated Diamond Discs from Molly Supply. These discs have been tested by some of the most respected cold workers in the Seattle, Washington, area, and the feedback has been consistently positive. The discs have a magnetic backing and are available in a variety of grits from 40 to 400. All of the discs have an arbor hole of 1‑1/4". Larger holes may be cut at an additional cost. Visit the company’s website for more information.

DandLGrand Bench Burner

D&L Art Glass Supply is pleased to offer Bethlehem’s new three-stage Grand Bench Burner. The Grand can easily produce a wide range of flames from small and gentle for fine, detailed stringer work to flames that are large enough to fully encompass 11"-plus diameter tubing. The Grand is a stainless steel surface mix bench burner with three separately controlled rings of fire. Each stage is controlled by two needle valves that provide artists with unmatched control over the flame size, heat potential, and fuel mix ratios.  800‑525‑0940   iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Dichroic Alchemy presents a new way to share glassworking techniques plus new products for glass artists. The Dichroic Alchemy Youtube channel is up and running with tips, tricks, and more for the glass community!  New color varieties of encased dichroic tubing are available weekly. Call to order or check out one of our many vendors. New Sacred Geometry image packs are also now available online at the company’s website. Pick up all three packs for a steal of a deal through the end of the year.  866‑451‑2254   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Ed Hoy’s International introduces the new Buddha Faces Mold from Colour de Verre. Serene and contemplative, these faces seem to radiate calm. The molds are easy to use and make two faces at one time. The finished pieces are 3-1/2" to 4" tall and can be made to almost glow by fusing a piece of dichroic sheet glass to the back surface. For more information, visit the company’s website.
800‑323‑5668   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Coatings By Sandberg presents the Mini Double Coated Splatter Pattern that is now coated on black glass in 4" x 4" squares in random colors. Because the glass is black, it’s coated twice on one side to give it depth and variety. They are available now in 90 and 96 COE.



Skutt introduces the new Micro Scarab for the flameworking artist who needs a compact desktop model that can run on household voltage. Just take it out of the box and plug it into any standard 120-volt outlet in your home or business. The interior chamber is an ample 12" wide, 7‑1/2" tall, and 9‑1/4" deep. Like all of the Scarab models, the kiln comes standard with the GlassMaster33 controller, which was designed by flameworking artist Marcel Braun to be simple to use yet completely customizable.  503‑774‑6000   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

cgbeads cabochons-picture

CGBeads has launched a new website, making it easier to mix and match CGBeadrollers to obtain discount prices. Mix and match is also now available in the findings sections.  CGBeads has rolled out the first in a new series of CGBeadrollers—cabochon molds featuring three sizes each of star, pyramid, pentagon, and classic gem shapes. There are lots of choices for cuff link and earring post cabochons, mini ring toppers, pendant mountings, or your own unique, original designs. These can also add a 3-D end when used with the CGBeadroller Ear Gauges. 940‑458‑8322   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Evenheat is happy to announce the addition of preset programs to the Kingpin 88 metal clay kiln for Metal Adventures BRONZclay, COPPRclay, and WHITE COPPRclay, plus Burnout Stage for WHITE COPPRclay. Programming is simple. Just choose the metal clay style you’re working with, and the Kingpin 88 takes care of the rest. These metal clays are very popular, easy to work with, and give fantastic results. The addition of these preset programs to the kiln makes working with these metal clays even easier and more enjoyable. The kiln also includes preset firing programs for Art Clay, PMC, and Prometheus, as well as allowing for custom programming. Visit the company’s website for more details.



Coatings By Sandberg presents Frit Flakes on Black Glass Substrate. In stock now, this product is tubed just like Frit Flakes on Clear Glass and is priced the same as well. One-ounce tubes of Dichroic-coated medium size frit is available in 90 or 96 COE, Rainbow color only.


Glasscraft is excited to carry some of the newest and hottest colors in the boro market. The company has a great selection of colored tubing from Greasy Glass, including the very popular Ambrosia and Blue Cheese colors. They also stock the newest colors from Rob Davis. His color line-up includes the UV reactive Orange and Lemon Crush colors. Check the company’s website for more new colors.
888‑272‑3830   877‑893‑9386


D&L Art Glass Supply presents the Studio Pro 17, the industry’s largest 120V glass firing kiln. The 17" 17" x 6-1/2" size is ideal for home studios. The Studio Pro 17 features a lightweight and efficient wool fiber lid to maximize firing speed, reaching full fuse in about one hour, and is both top and front loading. The company stocks the kiln with the 3-Key Set-Pro controller as well as the full 12-key Rampmaster 3. This fine kiln from Evenheat joins D&L’s extensive selection that includes kilns from Denver Glass Machinery, Jen‑Ken, Olympic, Paragon, Skutt, and more.
800‑525‑0940   303‑449‑8737


Ed Hoy’s International introduces the new Colour de Verre Bamboo Mold. The varying lengths of the bamboo segments and the deep texture creates cast panels with real dynamics and visual interest. A second firing turns the cast panels into elegant service and decorative pieces. Choose colors that mimic nature such as ambers, yellows, or greens, or classic colors like black and lacquer red. For more information, visit the company’s website.
800‑323­5668   iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coatings By Sandberg  (CBS) is proud to announce five new incredible patterns created and designed exclusively for CBS by artist Chris Stell. These patterns are an amazing blend of art, technology,  imagination, and unique beauty. All of her patterns are hand drawn, one-of-a-kind, and frequently reversible. Available immediately, these five patterns come on clear or black in 90 or 96 COE.  714‑538‑0888


CGBeads has added to itsline of graphite marvers for making ear plugs. Now not only can you make ear plugs in identical gauges, but you can shape identical size ends that match perfectly in gauge and appearance. CGBeadrollers are made in the USA with a superior, high-grade graphite for reduced drag while working your glass.  940‑458‑8322   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Glasscraft is helping glass ebthusiasts connect with world-class artists and learn some of the techniques for which they are known the best with Glasscraft Webinars. The company’s unique digital format lets you watch the webinars live with the artist or via pay-per-view recordings anytime. Visit the website for more details and to sign up for Glasscraft’s newsletter.  888‑272‑3830   877‑893‑9386


Coatings By Sandberg has Crinklized Comet Trail 4x4s in 90 or 96 COE in stock now. These beautiful Rainbow-colored squares are now available in Crinklized Dichroic.  714‑538‑0888



Ed Hoy’s International now has the new LED Night Light. Exclusively available from Ed Hoy, these night-lights are built with an efficient, long-life LED light to replace the traditional style bulb. A daylight sensor automatically turns the warm, white LED light on and off, allowing it to operate from dusk to dawn. Visit the company’s website for more information.
800‑323-5668   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Evenheat introduces the Studio Pro 17 kiln. Measuring in at 17" x 6‑1/2", this new kiln features surface-mounted heating elements for maximum heat transfer plus a Superwool fiber lid for efficiency and increased firing speed. As part of the Studio Pro kiln line, it offers the Dual Access Design, which provides for precision placement, and is available with either the three-button Set-Pro or full-featured Rampmaster controls. The kiln is constructed with a combination of fiber and firebrick, which realizes the best of both worlds. Fiber blocks offer a quick heat-up while the firebrick acts somewhat as a brake to minimize temperature swings, which makes performance smooth and tight. Visit the company’s website for all of the details on this new kiln.



D&L Art Glass Supply is excited to expand its Scrap Master and Cast-a-cab mold line from Creative Paradise. The Scrap Master is a mini pot melt system that pours the glass directly into cabochon-shaped molds to create gorgeous pendants and ornaments. Now available are the Holey Cast-a-cabs, which create ready-to-hang pendants available in Teardrop, Trillants, and Circles. Solid designs are also available in Teardrop, Square, Circle, and Heart shapes. The pendants have that swirled “hot glass look” not normally achieved in kiln work. Visit the company’s website to see these and other new fusing molds.  800‑525‑0940   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



His Glassworks is now carrying the S. Atlantic Street work aprons from Diamond Life Studio. Available in three sizes and eleven different colors, including sparkle colors, these aprons have comfortable shoulder strap attachments with interior pockets for your phone or music player and are great for working long hours and staying dry. Visit the company’s website or call to order.
800‑914‑7463   828‑254‑2559



Dichroic Alchemy is excited to release its new line of encased, ready-to-use dichroic tubing. Each stick is 29 x 7, roughly 16" long, and is ordered by the pound. Each tube has a super-dense rainbow dichroic layer great for any tubing application. It is currently available in three colors—Marine Gold, Red Sunset, and Neon Magenta over a Dark Cobalt. Visit the company’s website or call direct to discuss any custom project needs.  866‑451‑2254   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Paragon Industries has just added new features to its F-130, F-240, and F-500 lampworking glass kilns, which now have 3"-thick firebrick walls. Features that originally came standard only on the F-500 are now standard on the F-130 and F-240 as well. They include a mercury relay to control the cycling of the heating elements and a slide-out mandrel holder that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically without tools. These kilns also now come with sidewall elements that heat from the sides and back, but they can still be ordered with top elements, if preferred, for the same price.  800‑876‑4328   972‑288‑7557


Olympic Color Rods introduces 24" Elecroplated Diamond Discs from Molly Supply. These discs have been tested by some of the most respected cold workers in the Seattle area, and the feedback has been consistently positive. They have a magnetic backing and are available in a variety of grits from 40 to 400. All discs have an arbor hole of 1.25", but larger holes may be cut at an additional cost. Please visit the website for additional information.
800‑445‑7742   206‑343‑7336


His Glassworks provides better work lighting with the 24" Flexible Arm Work Lights from Moffatt Lighting. Available as direct mounts with accessories for magnetic mounts and C-clamp mounts, Moffatt Lighting is easy to use, versatile, and long-lasting. These lights are a perfect complement to your work area. Visit the company’s website or call to order.  800‑914‑7463   828‑254‑2559


Cutting Edge Products introduces the Pinner Jack, the company’s smallest Black Jack to date. It combines a small jack handle with 5‑1/2"-long jack blades. These are just the right size for the boro artist or flameworker. Jeff Lindsay, who makes all of the Cutting Edge jacks, chose cold-formed spring steel treated with a special rust inhibitor for the jack handles. The blades have an oval profile, taper to a slight point, and are made from a high-quality spring steel with excellent wear properties. Best of all, they are extremely smooth, so they slide easily across the glass without scratching. Jeff combines his experience and commitment to create superior products for the flameworking artist. Contact Red Hot Metal, Inc. for more details. 530‑342‑1970   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ed Hoy’s International now has Flame-Dri Bead Release, a release and lubricating agent for steel mandrels used in beadmaking. Flame-Dri Release eliminates the need for pre-coating and air-drying mandrels. Just dip the mandrel in the prepared Flame-Dri Release and into the flame for immediate use. Visit the company’s website for more details.  800­323‑5668   iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dichroic Alchemy introduces a new line of dichroic image theme packs created from the company’s massive image catalog. These packs allow the artist to sample the three most common image chip sizes, as well as have access to the most popular selections, without a large expense. New packs will be featured each month and will also be available from Glasscraft/Winship, D&L, and Mountain Glass Arts. Visit Dichroic Alchemy’s website to custom order any image from the theme pack collection or to see the latest featured theme packs.
866‑451‑2254   iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Ed Hoy’s International extensive line of glass rods continues to grow! New Twisted Cane is now available in both 90 & 96 COE. Twisted Cane comes in bundles that cover a creative range and variation. Each piece of cane is unique and one of a kind! Check the website for more details.  800‑323‑5668   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Evenheat Kiln introduces the new Load-n-Go Bead Annealing Process, now featured on the Fishbone Bead Annealer, that allows artists to make glass beads at their own pace. A “load” portion has been added to the program that holds the annealing temperature for up to two hours. Only when you have created all of your beads and placed them into the Fishbone does the Load-n-Go run the actual glass bead annealing process using the company’s professionally developed anneal settings. Load-n-Go guarantees that all of your glass beads will be perfectly annealed every time.  989‑856‑2281


Glasscraft has new American-made lined tubing by Rick Zimmerman to provide a quick way to bring original color combinations to your work. The company’s original goal in 1970 to share essential tools, techniques, and information with a glowing community of glassworkers continues, and that goal continues to grow.  877‑893‑9386   888‑272‑3830



D&L Art Glass Supply now has one of the best selections of Golden Gate line tubes in the nation. Choose from color pattern stock and solid color tubes, plus an amazing selection of dichroic colors, patterns, and even patterns including glow glass. Let Golden Gate do your prep work for you and increase your productivity, output, and profit. D&L also stocks over 50 styles of Golden Gate murrine that feature nature, abstract, and popular character patterns.  800‑525‑0940   303‑449‑8737



CGBeads now has a line of CGBeadroller tools for making ear gauges that make the job easy. Tunnels and Plugs can now be made in a fraction of the time with perfect gauge precision in sizes graduated from 3 mm to 20 mm. The company’s tools are made from high-quality graphite in over 150 versions designed and produced by Donna Felkner of CGBeads.  940‑458‑8322   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



His Glassworks is proud to announce its new upright 4" x 106" wet belt sander. Featuring quality construction and compatibility with all CRLaurence parts, the sander boasts a one-horsepower TEFC motor and an enamel-coated exterior with water hookup and bucket. Sanders are in stock and ready to ship from the company’s Asheville, North Carolina, location. Call or check the website for more details.
800‑914‑7463   828‑254‑2559


ARTCO now manufactures and distributes Shelbo Whisper Tips, new premix torch tips designed specifically with the glassworker in mind. Artist Mike Shelbo has worked with other glassblowers to develop a premix torch tip that offers quality, versatility, and a different perspective on what a torch flame designed for glass should be. Each orifice is only 0.015" in diameter, while the average hole size in most premix tips is twice that or more. These tips offer clear advantages in fuel efficiency, flame setting variables, and glass workability and can be used on both soft glass and borosilicate. They are ideal for working with scientific apparatus, polishing punty marks, fixing cracks, making small welds in tight areas, and creating beads, sculpture, marbles, and all sizes of blown work. There are two series of tips available—the original Whisper Tips for the National 3A Hand Torch and the new Mini-Tip series for the Smith Little Torch. Contact ARTCO for more details.
408‑288‑7978   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) announces Comet Trail 4" x 4" Squares just in time for upcoming holiday projects. This beautiful Rainbow-colored square has both a colorful blaze down the middle and a unique combination of Rainbow Dichroic in each piece. Available immediately, the squares may be purchased individually sealed and packaged in either 90 or 96 COE on clear or black glass.



Ed Hoy’s International continues to grow its line of Messy Rods from Creation is Messy (CiM). Several new Limited Edition colors are available. Artists can choose from over eighty in-stock colors. Visit the company’s website for more information.  800‑323‑5668   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) presents Rainbow 2 Sample Sets. Dichroic Extract is a pure form of the company’s high-quality coatings literally extracted off of the glass and preserved in a glass container. Rainbow 2 sheets will be sold only by the full sheet and will be broken down into eight separate containers of colors. Artist Brian Serck recommended that CBS add this sample set to its Dichroic Extract line, since it’s a blend of Premium Dichroic colors and contains both “powdered” and “large grain” Extract with the additional colors created in the Rainbow 2 sheets. Visit the CBS website for more information.  714‑538‑0888


nfritbeadroller-long 600

CGBeads has a new frit holder marver. The 2" x 6" graphite marver has a shallow tray for holding frit, powdered enamels, murrine, silver leaf, or whatever an artist can dream up. This perfect holder allows artists to pick up the contents without spilling it all over the work space. Made from the high-quality graphite for which CGBeads has become known, the flip side doubles as a superior, long graphite marver when the tray is not in use. The frit holder also comes in a shorter 2" x 3" open-ended version.  940‑458‑8322   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Glasscraft, Inc. carries a full range of borosilicate lampworking supplies from clear glass and ground joints to color, tools, and torches. In Spring 2014, the company has even sourced a stock of uranium tubing for its more adventurous customers. Lenz ground joints have been added to the product lineup at competitive prices, and there are also 10 mm ground joints in males, females, 10 mm–14 mm transitional pieces, and Dewars.
888‑272‑3830   877‑893‑9386


Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) is pleased to announce the release of a brand-new product, Wavy Firestrips. They are available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and many glass textures. Wavy Firestrips are water jet cut to 16" and feature the highest-quality CBS Dichroic coatings. They come in two sizes, 6 mm and 3 mm, are available in clear or black 90 or 96 COE, and are preferred for the artist’s convenience. Individual Wavy Firestrips are available only at an authorized CBS distributor or may be purchased on the company’s website by the tube, with ten pieces per tube, in either texture, patterns, or primary colors.  714‑538‑0888



Ed Hoy’s International presents the Gallery Pendant, a no-glue option for jewelry that is interchangeable. The open-topped frame allows artists to change their fused glass in seconds, creating glass pieces and switching them on a whim. Insert the glass, attach a cord or chain, and you’re done. The sterling silver–plated face provides an elegant border for your glass. The cavity for the square and circular styles is 1" x 1" x  5/16", while the cavity for the rectangular and oval styles is 1" x 1‑1/2" x 1/4". The square and circular faces are interchangeable, so if you want a deeper cavity with a circle frame, just switch the faces. Each pendant features three holes in the bottom for optimal dangling embellishments. Visit Ed Hoy’s website for more information.  800‑323‑5668



Bethlehem Burners, a manufacturer of surface-mixed glassworking torches, is pleased to announce the release of the Champion Glassworking Torch, the company’s most technologically advanced torch to date. It offers a robust flame that is ideal for working large-diameter glass rods and tubing plus a new ball bearing scroll for smooth adjustments and easy locking. The Champion is structurally larger than other Bethlehem Burners models with its 8" flat base for easy mounting, a weight of 8‑3/4 pounds, and a taller height than its Alpha and Bravo counterparts. It has a burner configuration of six center fire ports and thirty outer fire ports, and is capable of emitting a wide range of flame widths from a pinpoint to a large bushy flame. 610‑838‑7034



D&L Art Glass Supply is excited to present 4" square pieces of Profusion Patterned Dichroic Glass. Artists can choose from a myriad of color and pattern combinations that are available in both 90 and 96 COEs. These great new offerings from D&L are perfect for those wanting to work with this fun accessory glass while staying within a budget. Call or visit the company’s website to learn more. 800‑525‑0940   303‑449‑8737



Griffin Glass Tools now has two new styles of flameworking jacks available. The “Mini Jacks” are designed with an inside steel barrel for adjustable outward tension. Their tweezer-like long, narrow blades have a smooth bevel on the back edge that is great for small openings and hard-to-reach applications without causing any building up on the lip. The “True Flameworking Jacks” are designed with 90-degree turned blades and are just the right size for flameworking with an overall length of 11‑1/4". The 2‑3/4"-long jack blades have a pointed and beveled tip, and the back edge of the blades is rounded and smooth for easy, consistent flaring. This new line of jacks are made of high-grade stainless steel that is hardened in a way that allows a perfect outward tension and also allows the steel to be exposed to direct heat without damage to the working area of the jack blade. The hands-on experience of using these tools every day has led Griffin Glass Tools to release many new, innovative tools over the past year, with many more great items coming soon. 607‑331‑6221   scott@griffintools



BeadFX has built a class schedule that offers something for everyone. From simple jewelry stringing to soldering and metalsmithing, there are classes that will complement your work and help you take it in a new direction. Offerings include: Hot Connections (introduction to solder), Getting Started with Hadar’s Clay, Wrap It Up (creative wire wrapping), Kumihimo Japanese Braids, Peruvian Wire Crochet, and many more. Classes are affordably priced, and students get in-store discounts as well. The BeadFX dedicated classroom and metalsmithing studio are comfortable and well supplied, and the fully stocked bead store is a delight to browse in. There is also a fully equipped lampworking studio with rental torches. Check the company’s website for a schedule. 877‑473‑2323   416‑751‑1911



Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) announces the new Mini-Double Splatter Pattern. This phenomenal new pattern fulfills requests from clients for Dichroic patterns that are tighter and smaller. It comes in a variety of exotic colors and is further amplified by double coating the splatter patterns. The result is many beautiful color shifts and layered color combinations that are not found in any other type of patterns. Because the glass is coated on both sides, this pattern is available in clear only. In addition, the color combinations vary greatly and will come in a medley of random compositions. CBS is currently offering this pattern in both 90 and 96 COE in 4" x 4" squares only. Side-by-side comparison photos of the original Splatter Pattern and the new Mini-Double Splatter are on the company’s website for easy reference. 714‑538‑0888



Bethlehem Burners, a manufacturer of surface-mixed glassworking torches since 1950, has announced an enhanced online shopping experience and will be offering free shipping on all orders made through the company’s website for delivery within the continental United States. The free shipping offer has no minimum purchase requirements and is available for all products sold online, including torches and accessories. Visit Bethlehem’s website to learn more about news, events, or products. 610‑838‑7034



Skutt Kilns introduces the FireBox 8x6 LT, a new kiln that gives the glass, ceramic, and metal clay artist plenty of options. There are built-in programs for glass, ceramics, and PMC, but users can also write their own programs with Ramp/Hold. The kiln plugs into standard household voltage, and it easily stores away in a closet when not in use. 503‑774‑6000



Ed Hoy’s International now offers the Sto-N-Go Strip Cutter, an extremely portable cutter that features a stainless steel rod to provide smooth cutting. It also has a durable rubber mat for easy storage and portability and is available in an 18" or 24" version. 800‑323‑5668  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Glasscraft carries a full range of borosilicate lampworking supplies from clear glass and ground joints to color, tools, and torches. This fall the company is making its high-quality clear boro even more affordable by giving a minimum discount of 15 percent on all orders of Simax glass. Call the company or visit their website to see how they can help supply all of your glassblowing needs. 877‑893‑9386  877‑893‑9386



D&L Art Glass Supply has a wide variety of casting molds, including the popular glass cabochon cameo molds from Creative Paradise, Inc. Designs vary from timeless classics such as the Woman Cameo mold to the fun, unique Skull & Crossbones and Dragonfly molds. Make the details of each figure in your cameo really stand out by using vastly different colored frits. Check the company’s website for D&L’s ever-expanding line of Creative Paradise molds, including new styles by Patty Gray plus a video tutorial with useful tips and tricks to help you create beautiful glass cameos. 800‑525‑0940   303‑449‑8737



D&L Art Glass Supply is constantly adding new styles or murrine and cane to its 90 and 96 COE accessory glass lines. Known as a great addition to fused glass pieces, murrine instantly adds a bit of design and color to your latest creation. Choose from traditional millefiori floral designs, whimsical creatures, or wildlife and holiday themes. Use them in pendants, plates, earrings, and more to provide the perfect finishing touch. 800‑525‑0940   303‑449‑8737



Griffin Glass Tools now have two new styles of flameworking jacks available.  Our Mini Jacks are designed with a inside steal barrel for adjustable outward tension. The tweezer like long narrow blades have a smooth bevel on the back edge that is great for very small openings or hard to reach restrictions, without causing any bunching or build up on the lip. Our True Flameworking Jacks are designed with  90-degree turned blades and are just the right size for flameworking with an overall length of 11.25". The  2.75" long jack blades have a pointed and beveled tip. The back edge of the blades are rounded and smooth for easy, consistent flaring. Our new line of jacks are made of a high-grade hardened stainless steel. The way in which we harden this kind of steel offers a perfect outward tension and also allows the steel to be exposed to direct heat without damage to the working area of the jack blade. 607-331-6221



D&L Art Glass Supply now has many new additions to its inventory including the new stained glass pattern books from Jean Beaulieu, and Milon Townsend’s Kiln Casting Glass, a detailed guide to lost wax and reverse relief techniques. D&L also stocks current and past editions of Glass Patterns Quarterly and The Flow magazines. Become inspired by the beautiful workmanship displayed in each issue and begin creating for the busy upcoming holiday season. D&L is your source for instructional periodicals, books, DVDs, and more. 800‑525‑0940  303‑449‑8737



Skutt is now offering its newly manufactured and much anticipated Mini Scarab kiln designed by Marcel Braun. This smaller version of the popular Scarab model has a 12" x 12" x 16"-tall chamber that is the perfect size for many studios. Features include a stainless steel main door that opens and closes to a tight seal with ease, vent holes to keep the electronics cool, and the Easy-Glide point rest with optional 4" rests for more loading flexibility. The new hinge design and the point rest system, also found on new Scarabs, are smooth and precise. Visit the Skutt website for more information on this new kiln. 503‑744‑6000



Ed Hoy’s International has three new Colour de Verre Pattern Fusers—the Spiral, the Botanical, and the Weave. The pattern fusers create deeply textured panels that can be slumped or left flat to create contemporary wall art. Visit the company’s website for more detailed product information. 800‑323‑5668   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Griffin Glass Tools introduces a new tool by Scott Griffin, designed as a two-part joint-forming tool. These Mini Jacks can be used to ream the smallest opening by using one of the triangle-shaped blades and moving in and out of the flame. Use the outward force of the beveled edge jack blades for opening any 2" or smaller tube or incalmo section for a nice, even wall and cup shape. Other great uses for the Mini Jacks include finishing hollow beads, forming pendant loops, fine-tuning a mouthpiece or raised carb, or even opening the construction on a down stem. The Jacks are made of hardened stainless steel, which can withstand much more heat than common stainless steel. They can be held directly in the flame for a few seconds without damage to the steel. This great tool is 8‑1/2" long with blades that are 0.5 mm wide at the tip to 0.35 mm at the widest edge. The flare dimension ranges from 1 mm to 55 mm. 607‑331‑6221   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Hot Glass Color & Supply has the full array of Beadmaking 104® colors for lampworkers. This outstanding cane by the makers of Kugler Colors® is available in forty colors, including signature pinks and purples that don’t burn or fade during the creation process. Call to order or shop online. 206‑448‑1199



D&L Art Glass Supply is excited to present Dichroic Extract from Coatings By Sandberg (CBS). This purest form of the high-quality coatings by CBS has been extracted from glass and bottled for your next creation. Amazing results can be achieved in all forms of glass art, since there is no COE with this great new product. D&L carries six solid colors, two types of Rainbow patterns, and a sample set. Check them all out on the company’s website. 800‑525‑0940   303‑442-3429



Griffin Glass Tools presents a line of tools as a two-part joint forming tool. Most skilled flameworkers have been forming their own ground joints using a reamer and a waxed glass ground joint to finalize the tapered fitting. With these new tools, you can use the reamer to achieve 90 percent of the tapered fitting and the brass “plug” to finalize the shape. Both parts are the width and length of a Lenz or Accugrind manufactured 10-1 ground joint and are made of brass instead of graphite to provide longevity and consistency of the formed joint shape after multiple uses. The joint-forming tools should be waxed each time they are heated. For better success, preheat the plug in the back flame before using. These forming tools do take a little getting used to, so detailed instructions are included with each item to help with the learning curve. 607‑331‑6221



Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) has expanded its uncoated glass stock to include Wissmach 90 COE glass. This glass substrate is an affordable, unique addition to the company’s current 90 COE selection and is available in full sheets with your choice of pattern and color. Wissmach glass is sold as “thin” glass (approximately 2 mm thick). Standard glass is approximately 3 mm thick. 714‑538‑0888



Ed Hoy’s International presents the Hotline Stress Tester, a new tool to help determine proper coefficient compatibility. In order to fuse pieces of glass together, they must have an equal coefficient of expansion (COE) to prevent breakage. When two different COEs are fused together, stress is added to the glass. Stress due to incompatibility will not allow glass to properly anneal, since one surface will be in compression and the other will be in tension. In time the glass will fracture. Use the Hotline Stress tester to ensure perfect results every time. Visit the company’s website for detailed product information. 800‑323‑5668   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



D&L Art Glass Supply presents Lenz ground joints for lampworkers wanting to work with uncompromising product quality. These high-quality male and female joints are available in 14 mm and 19 mm, as well as varying glass thicknesses. The company also offers Accugrind and value-priced Asian joints. 800‑525‑0940   303‑449‑8737



Coatings By Sandberg (CBS) has expanded its Dichroic Coated Ceramic Tile line with two new products. Available immediately, CBS is offering 1/2" x 6" Accent Tiles. The company currently offers eight Fusion Jewel Tone patterns that include both standard and premium colors, each sold individually. These are the perfect companion to CBS Dichroic-coated 4" x 4" ceramic tiles, and together they create many brilliant designs. In addition, for mosaic artists CBS has Dichroic Coated Ceramic Accent Tile Packs, which feature three 1/2" x 6" individual Dichroic-coated Fusion Jewel Tone Accent Tiles in standard and premium colors. Nip, cut, set, and grout your way to affordable Dichroic mosaic artwork.  714‑538‑0888




Ed Hoy’s International now has two System 96® mix packs—T-Staples and Rack Packs. T-Staples come in a 24" x 14" mix of 100SFS, 200SF, and 1009SF at an attractive price. The Rack Packs contain eighty 12" x 12" sheets of glass, mainly a random assortment of System 96® T-Glass, but they can also include up to 8 sheets of assorted specialty glasses such as Fusers’ Reserve™, OpalArt™, or Spirit™. 800‑323‑5668   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



D&L Art Glass Supply stocks a wide variety of fusing cane in both 90 and 96 COE. Look for 96 cane in four new color-coordinated mix picks. The vibrant twists in every cane can bring new life to fused glass by integrating just a small piece or the whole cane. Visit the company’s website today to find out how much fun you can have with these design elements. 800‑525‑0940   303‑442-3429



Evenheat presents the Studio Pro 41 kiln designed with a large, wall-free floor and seamless shelf to allow artists to produce large and architectural pieces without reservation or restriction. The kiln enlarges and further develops the design concepts of the company’s Studio Pro program, which features both front and top access. Handles have been designed for actual use, with the lid handle being lowered and extended to offer an easy reach, and the main chamber handle properly anchored to the strong corners. Placing the kiln is also easy, since the floor and main chamber are independent of each other during setup and may be moved through doorways as narrow as 28 inches. In addition, the available full, seamless firing shelf offers 6.14 square feet of firing surface. And the Studio Pro 41 is equipped with features you’ve come to expect from Evenheat such as the Rampmaster with Swing View pivoting control, laterally positioned lid heating elements, spring-assisted lifting, and construction details designed to promote easy use and long life. Quality and performance are what you expect from Evenheat, and the Studio Pro 41 delivers. 989‑856‑2281



D&L Art Glass Supply announces two new dam molds stylized by the famed glass artist, Patty Gray. The molds will create glass slabs measuring either 8" x 10", the size that was recently used in Patty’s workshop at D&L, or 6" x 6". The slabs require no cold working after firing. Assemble glass strips, scraps, and stringers and fuse together for your next masterpiece. Once fired, either slump or leave them flat for a decorative tray, platter, or one-of-a-kind wall piece. D&L also offers tutorials and firing schedules for these molds, which you can find on the company’s website. 800‑525‑0940  303‑449‑8737



D&L Art Glass Supply makes it possible to enjoy the freedom of crucible firing in a small space with the Darby Dipper Crucible Kiln. With easy access to the crucible, reliability during lengthy heat soaks, and the long-lasting mercury relay, the Darby Dipper is perfect for glass artists to use when creating stringers, blown vessels, paperweights, and more. For artists who need something bigger, the company also offers the Vulcan Crucible Kiln, which takes pots up to thirty pounds. 800‑525‑0940   303‑449‑8737



The Glass Expert Webinar™ DVD featuring the two-hour Web workshop presented by Lisa St. Martin, one of the world’s foremost experts on metallic techniques in beadmaking, is now available from Glass Patterns Quarterly. During the Webinar, Lisa works with soft glass to demonstrate how to create striking focal beads, prevent scumming in dichroic glass, fume with gold, and granulate silver wire. Included are questions asked via live chat by remote participants plus all of the bonus materials used by Lisa during the workshop. 800‑719‑0769  502‑222‑5631






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