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The Flow Newsletter                                                                                                   Fall 2010 Edition
Jennifer headshotDear Readers, 


We all have our favorite tools that we just can't work without. They become part of our personal arsenal to guide, poke, and prod the glass into the desired form. Easy access to the tools that you need for the project that you are working on allows you to work through each step of the process losing as little heat as possible, shaving time off of each piece you make. This issue showcases tools that many artists find indispensable.


Eric Goldschmidt covers three of his most loved "tools," heat, gravity, and centrifugal force on page 16. Scott Griffin features his Griffin Tools "Rock It" foot pedal for use on sculpted projects that require many reheats on Page 60. My husband, Wil, shows off his number one hands-free tool, his Menzies torch-mounted marvering pad on page 72.  If you would like to chime in about your own favorite tool, please go to The Main Flow Forum on our website in the Community section. We would love to hear about your most cherished tool or how you optimize your workspace.


As always ... Keep your light shining and your torches lit!


Jennifer Menzies


Upcoming Deadlines for Submission


Spring 2011                   Fantasy Art

Submission Deadline      December 1, 2010

Release Date                 March 16, 2011


Summer 2011                Marble and Paperweights

Submission Deadline      March 1, 2011

Release Date                 June 14, 2011


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     Glasscraft Emerging Artist Awards 
                            The Flow Fall 2010
JC Herrell
Exploring and learning to work with enamels on lampworked beads, JC began teaching enamel workshops and classes in 2007. Her fondness for enamel was quickly surpassed by a desire to control stringer and create designs with fine, straight lines inspired by a long history of architectural interest. In 2010 she began sharing her stringer skills in the form of workshops and the online tutorial project,The Joy of Stringer. Visit www.jcherrell.com to view more of JC's glass art.

YungWJun-JuriF10NLYung W. Jun
It was during his university years that Yung W. Jun first came to know glass. As a chemistry major, he made and used the basic physical and chemical apparatuses, but he was more interested in creating different shapes made of glass. Yung often finds inspiration for his work in nature. Visit www.lampworking.org to view more of Yung's glass art.

CarlTaylorFall10NLKarl Taylor
Karl began working in glass in 2001 at the age of seventeen at the Sonoran Glass Art Academy (SGAA) in Tucson, AZ. While Karl specializes in lampworking, he often experiments with furnace work and fusing combining various aspects of each. Much of his work centers around themes that he finds in nature, as is evidence in his strings of red chili peppers, the geodes that he creates using both hot and cold glassworking techniques.Visit www.glassgrimoire.com to view more of Karl's glass art.

                    International Glass

             by The Corning Museum of Glass


Czech Artist, Jim Harcuba, exhibits his double portraits of Vaclav Havel and Vladimir Kopecky at the Corning Museum of Glass.


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design by William McNerney
                    Dragon Fly
Bill has been flameworking for the last five years. He has found the lampworking community to be very supportive at all levels and that, of course, making things in glass is so very rewarding. Bill is a full-time dentist and has found flameworking to be his favorite hobby. Visit Bill's website to view more of his artwork.

          Innovations in Glass 

            by Michael Wangbickler

Eisch Glaskulture --- A Family Tradition

Innovations in Glass Fall10NL

Eisch Glaskultur has been named Glass Producer of the Year for the eleventh year in a row by the German Retailers Association Fachkreis Hausrat. Founded in1946 by Valentin Eisch, Eisch Glaskultur has grown into one of the world's finest and most important glass manufactures. "We are honorned once again to receive this national award," stated Eberhand Eisch. For more information about Eisch Glaskultur visit the website at www.eisch.de.


The Kiln Corner
 Kiln Diagnostics
 by Arnold Howard
Arnold Howard, author of technical manuals for Paragon Industries, answers readers'  questions on the proper use and maintenance for all brands of kilns. 


                  with Milon Townsend

with Don Parker

The Flow Fall 2010
My Favorite Tools

The Fall 2010 issue of The Flow, the glass journal for the flameworking community, features favorite flameworking tools that artists just can't live without. This great issue includes a look from Eric Goldschmidt at how heat, gravity, and centrifugal force can become tools in the hands of the flameworker. Tutorials from Melanie Moertel, Don E. Parker, and Laurie Ament share tips for using curved mashers, Fyrsmith tools, and scissors, respectively. Milon Townsend shares his favorite rod rests, shears, elevated marvering plate, and tank manifold, and Craig Milliron discusses the advantages of using the Cylinder Speed Shaper. You can also meet JC Herrell, Yung W. Jung, and Karl Taylor, the three Fall 2010 Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award nominees, pick up tips from Ken Schneidereit for shipping glass art safely, and discover ways to use a blow hose assembly with a puffy mandrel from Laurie Nessel. Scott Griffin lets us in on the secrets of creating his gnarly fish, and Jesse James presents his Electroformed Marble Wrap. Finishing out this issue are answers from Arnold Howard for diagnosing kiln problems, a trip to Lauscha with Marcie Davis to visit master ornament maker, Michael Haberland, a look at the 2010 GAS Conference through the eyes of a first-timer, and the happenings at the latest Degenerate Flame Off plus a gallery featuring the work of pipe artists. You won't want to miss our regular What's Hot section featuring all of the latest and greatest products to enhance your flameworking experience, and subscribers to the magazine can also now look forward to receiving e-mailed links to Subscriber Only bonus material with each issue. For more information or to become a subscriber, call 1-800-719-0769 or visit www.theflowmagazine.com. Listed below are additional details about these Benefits.


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We hope you've enjoyed reading our newsletter and welcome any comments or ideas for upcoming issues.  Look for our next Newsletter in February 2011.
As Always . . . Keep your light shining and your torches lit!
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