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The Flow Newsletter Fall Edition
October 2007
Fall 07 Dear Readers,

It's been six months since The Flow partnered with Glass Patterns Quarterly and Profitable Glass Quarterly. We have all been very pleased with the benefits of our combined efforts. With our newly extended staff, we are better equipped to handle our subscribers needs. Creativity has flourished from our layout and editorial departments. As we streamline our duties we've been able to devote more time to serving our customers. This parternship has also allowed us to stay in touch with you through our email newsletter. Now in between each printed issue you can receive our email newsletter by signing up for it at our website

The print version of our Fall 2007 issue is completed, and suscribers will be receiving their copies in early October. This issue is brimming full of creative, functional art glass as well as a few holiday ornaments.

The Flow magazine
Camp Crowley
by Bernie Hardesty Filemyr, LVT

Bernie lets us in on the week of creative bliss that he experienced with Mike and Deb Crowley. This exciting, fun retreat included making everything from bracelets, cabochons, and paperweights to plates and tumblers as the Crowleys filled Bernie's head with tips, tricks, and techniques and taught him the glassblower's waltz.

ISGALA Auction
by Barbara Collins

The Indiana Society of Lampworkers and Art Glass Artists (ISLAGA) held a two-stage auction to raise money for the organization's 2007 Gathering postcard. This joint venture of ISLAGA, Arrow Springs, ASK Premier Color Collection, and The Flow magazine not only brought in much needed funds for ISLAGA's projects but also served to unite the members in a common creative effort to discover new techniques and new materials.

Lampworking through the Ages
by William "Boxfan" Menzies

From the discovery of glassmaking at Nuzi through the Egyptian methods for creating core vessels to the advent of borosilicate, the story of how lampworking has developed through the centuries is a fascinating tale. Once the veil of secrecy was lifted on these techniques, a whole new world has opened up for the flameworking community.
Electroformed Large-Hole
Reduction Frit-Eye Bead
by Larry Brickman
and Janelle Zorko

This project is the result of a collaboration between Larry, who is know for his large-hole beads, and Janelle, who electroforms her beads with copper. The step-by-step instructions will guide you to create something unique for your own bead collection.

The Flow Fall 2007 - Functional Issue

Features: Don't Wipe Your Hands on Your Sandwich-An Interview with Bob Snodgrass by P. Kelly, Finding Creativity through Commitment by Milon Townsend, Dichrome-The New Car Accessory by Chris Jetter, Adventures with Jean Boutz-Storyteller, Adventurer, and Lampworker Extraordinaire by Martha and Ed Biggar, Glasscraft Emerging Artist Awards, Functional Gallery, Chandelier Fever by Timothy Lindemann, I Am Salt by an Anonymous Pipe Maker, Amber/Purple Glass-A Molecular Approach by Jesse Kohl, and Hot New Products

Fall 2007Tutorials: Using Your Beadmaking Skills for Functional and Attractive Door Knobs by Susan Stortini, Staying with Glass through the Changes in Life by Terry Armstrong Hamra, Scroll-and-Dot Blown Ornament by Manuel Amezcua, Incalmo Long-Drop Ornaments by Mark Lammi, Grapes Wine Stopper by Matt McLamb, Wine Stopper Toppers by Lauri Copeland, Goblet by Robert Mickelsen, and Perfume Bottle by William "Boxfan" Menzies

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