ASGS Scientific Glass Blowing Technique Videos

The Flow is teaming up with The American Scientific Glassblowers Society to help spread their vast library of scientific flameworking knowledge. The ASGS has video archives of glassblowing techniques that go back to the 80s, but access to this content has been very limited. We are hoping to help get this information out to all glassblowers, scientific or not, as well as spread the word about the ASGS. Note- Again, some of these videos were recorded in the 80s, and the quality reflects the time. They are provided as is!

Click any video to get 30 day access for $10, or access all of them for $60 (Excludes modern ASGS Symposium webinars)! The collection currently includes over 150 videos. ASGS Members can watch for free!

For ASGS Members- Just click on the video you would like to watch, click either Playlist or Video ticket, select ASGS Member Access, click proceed to payment and then enter your login info for the ASGS site in the popup window in order to get access.