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Winter 2019 **DIGITAL**

Winter 2019 **DIGITAL**
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FLOW Winter 2019

Letter from the Publisher
by Maureen James
Publisher Maureen James announced important changes coming to The Flow™. The new digital version of the magazine will offer more enhanced, responsive, and interactive content.

The Flow™ 15th Annual Gallery of Women in Glass
The work of 127 female flameworking artists is featured in The Flow™ Winter 2019 Women in Glass Gallery. A collection of beautiful and innovative glass art is showcased that includes goblets, sculptural glass art, flowers, animals, geometric figures, mythological creatures, jewelry accessories, home decor, and more.

Dr. Ayako Tani
Reviving Glass Ships in a Bottle
by Sara Sally LaGrand
Dr. Ayako Tani has brought back the art of building ships in a bottle using the skills she learned as an apprentice under Norman Veitch and Brian Jones of Wearside Glass Sculptures. In addition to reviving this lost art, she has also taken on documenting an oral history of the glassworkers of Sunderland, England.

Floral Beads
Using Flat Cane to Make Leaves
Text and Demonstration by Corina Tettinger
Corina Tettinger provides an overview of the best tools to use when pulling and mashing flat cane that can be used for leaves in floral beads. She also provides step-by-step instructions and photos throughout while offering tips for working with borosilicate glass to obtain the best results in glass art creations.

The Science of Art
An Overview of Copper Electroforming
by Terry Henry
Terry Henry, best known for her electroforming work, offers a look into the science behind how copper electroforming works. Photos and drawings provide help in understanding the process, which deposits copper onto conductive surfaces. Tips for tank setups, how to set up the rectifier, and a list of basic materials required are also included.

Batik Effect Bead
Text and Demonstration by Susan Otto-Bain
Susan Otto-Bain demonstrates ways to achieve a batik design look for beads using soft glass, various sizes of stringer, glass rod, and enamel powders. Tips are offered for working slowly for better results, marvering the bead often, and layering colors for a bright, striking batik effect on the beads.

Parallels Between Hot Glass & Human Existence
by The Village Iterate
Pearls of wisdom are offered to help flameworkers navigate the fascinating world of glass art. Artists are encouraged to always work to the very best of their ability and keep their work area clean to avoid distractions. The importance of learning good techniques for rotating the glass while working at the torch is also examined.

3-D Flower Murrine Cane
Text and Demonstration by Dayna Schutter
Photography by Ethan Schutter
Dayna Schutter offers an introduction to using a layering technique when making 3-D flower murrine that does not require a lot of time-consuming prep work. Stringers of varying colors are pulled and added to the main cylinder-shaped bead, then melted in for the floral pattern before pulling the murrine cane.

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