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Spring 2017 **Print**

Spring 2017 **Print**
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Letter from the Editor
by Jennifer Menzies
Jennifer Menzies, editor of The Flow, welcomes readers to the Spring 2017 nature issue of The Flow and shares how participation in glass art trade shows and Internet Glass Expert Webinars™ provides opportunities for artists to take their skills and techniques to a higher level.

The Flow 2017 Nature Gallery
The Flow Spring 2017 gallery features the work of 40 flameworking artists. This collection showcases beautiful and innovative glass art that includes designs featuring plants, animals, birds, sea life, florals, and landscapes created through sculptural work, beads, other jewelry, and much more.

An Homage to the Sea
Morgan Rodriguez and Glasspow
by Shawn Waggoner
Capturing the essence of the chambered nautilus has become the goal of 21-year-old flameworking artist Morgan Rodriguez and her Garden Grove, California, studio Glasspow. Her signature aesthetic embraces a combination of natural forms, bold colors, and detailed texture, with an emphasis on the stunning beauty of the shell.

Bonnie Scott
Traveling Ambassador for Glass Art
Text and Photography by Ann Cady
Bonnie Scott’s traveling studio van is a billboard on wheels for her flameworking business Joyful Adornments. Through the van, she has revolutionized her business and created opportunities for herself and for others to share glassmaking and introduce many children and adults to the art medium she has grown to love.

Small Shiny things
Beads and Beyond
by Lucinda Dupee
Linda Dupee has had a deep appreciation for nature’s intricate detail and constantly changing beauty since her childhood. She honors that beauty by taking the inspiration for her glass art beads and sculptural work from the natural, everyday world around her, especially the shapes and colors of the American Southwest.

The Michigan Glass Project
Thinking Globally and Acting Locally
by Allison Key
Glass Art Photography by Alex Reyna
Each year since its inception in 2012, the Michigan Glass Project has held a three-day flameworking demonstration to raise funds to aid local charities. The 2016 event made it possible for the organization to donate $80,000 to help provide glass art education to public schools in the Detroit, Michigan, area.

What’s Hot
by Darlene Welch
Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books, patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow.

Jonathan Michael Davis
Finding Art in the Fire
by Laurel Ashton
Glass Art Photography by Morgan Collini
Fire-Breathing Photography by Christer Berg
Jonathan Michael Davis has been practicing his love of art, music, and nature since early childhood. He currently works from the studio he designed and built in rural North Carolina, constructing botanically inspired creations and midcentury modern lighting. His more recent work revolves around the creation of glass poi.

Pipe Classic XI
by Liam Stegman
Finish Photography by @areysocal
Pipe Classic XI, sponsored by the Bern Gallery, presented its 2016 annual flame off competition in four heats, with renowned participating glass artists Cap ‘n Crunk, J-Red, Eusheen, and a host of others. Phil Siegel won not only the popular vote but also the coveted Glassblowers choice award.

Dichroic Swallowtail Butterfly
Colored Background with Etched Dichro
Text and Demonstration by Milon Townsend
Milon Townsend demonstrates techniques for creating realistic swallowtail butterflies using etched and shaped wings, which are backed with black rod. Various sizes of small white dots are added along the perimeters of the wings, which are then added to the body. Using reference images to get a correct appearance is recommended.

Tornado Beads
Text and Demonstration by Sue Angell
Photography by Larry Helber
Sue Angell demonstrates creating a cylindrical base bead from borosilicate glass. The bead is rolled in black frit to provide the base color, then in various colors of frit, including blue and red, for additional accents. The bead is finished by wrapping coils of clear to fill out the shape of the bead.

Spaghetti Incident
Delicious Striped Beads
Text and Demonstration by Carla Di Francesco
Photography by Stephanie Hartman
Carla Di Francesco demonstrates techniques for creating a stringer-decorated bicone bead. Clear is used to lay down the core bead, which is decorated by adding stripes of colored stringers. Once the bead is decorated, marvering tools are used to coax the bead into its bicone shape.

Sculptural Sunflower Bead
Text and Demonstration by Kim Fields
Photography by Julie Fernandez
Kim Fields demonstrates techniques for creating sculptural sunflower beads with multiple layers of petals. Seeds for the center of the sunflower are introduced by adding dots of brown glass around the center brown cone. Tips for shaping the petals and setting them at realistic angles to the center are included.

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