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Spring 2016 **Print**

Spring 2016 **Print**
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Letter from the Editor
by Jennifer Menzies
Jennifer Menzies, editor of The Flow, reminds readers how inspiring the arrival of spring each year can be and celebrates the nature-themed tutorials and articles included in this issue. There is also an invitation to visit The Flow’s booth at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Flow 2016 Nature Gallery
The Flow 2016 Nature Gallery features the work of eleven flameworking artists. This collection showcases beautiful and innovative glass art that includes sculptural pieces in floral arrangements, human figures, recycled milk glass, fish, deep-sea divers, roses, shells, and abstract designs.

The Bern Gallery Pipe Classic 10
by Liam Stegman
Photography by Toto Photo
The Bern Glass School hosted the Pipe Classic 10 , which has grown in scope and size every year since its inception. Despite this rapid rise, the Pipe Classic has been able to retain the intimacy of its infancy, an essential aspect that sets it apart from countless other industry competitions.

Pilchuck, A Dance with Fire
by Shawn Waggoner
Photography by Gary Gibson
A new PBS documentary, Pilchuck, A Dance with Fire, identifies the remarkable convergence of visionary individuals, regional culture, and fortunate timing responsible for the synergy between the legendary glass school and the Studio Glass movement. Pilchuck helped turn the Northwest into a glass mecca and shaped the American Studio Glass movement.

Amber Cowan
Bringing New Life to Secondhand Glass
by The Staff of The Corning Museum of Glass
Photography of the Rakow Commission Work and 2300° Event Courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glass
Additional Photography by Matt Hollerbush
Amber Cowan preserves the memories of earlier glass objects in contemporary works. Like much of Amber’s art, her 2014 Rakow Commission piece for The Corning Museum of Glass is made entirely from found American pressed milk glass, which she reformed into a beautiful sculpture featuring lambs, lions, camels, and swans.

Glass Stock East and West
A Time to Share and Grow
by Polly Toombs
Photography by Polly Toombs and Rob Hall
Artist Deb Crowley began Glass Stock as an event that would provide glass enthusiasts with opportunities for three days of classes with games and contests mixed in for fun. The event has continued to grow and now meets in the East as well as the West at various venues.

What’s Hot
by Darlene Welch
Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books, patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow.

A Tribute to Marvin Lipofsky
Celebrating Innovation and Inspiration
Photos Courtesy of Schantz Galleries
The Flow was saddened to hear of the passing of Marvin Lipofsky. Glass artist extraordinaire and a vital force in the development of the American Studio Glass movement, Lipofsky was notably responsible for helping to elevate blown glass to fine art and inspired others to follow their own ideas.

Push Mushroom Pendant
Text and Demonstration by Bronwen Heilman
Photography by Maya Hawk
Bronwen Heilman demonstrates techniques for creating a mushroom design that is inserted inside a clear glass pendant. A clear bail is added to the clear portion of the pendant by attaching and bending 2 mm rod, then flame-cutting the extra rod.

Flameworked Rose Sculpture
Text and Demonstration by Jerry Ward
Photos by Thaon Crocker Photography
Jerry Ward demonstrates techniques he has developed for creating realistic looking long-stemmed roses. Three colors are gathered to fashion the stem and thorns, and the petals are made by blowing colored glass bubbles that are cut in half with shears. Green glass is used for the sepal under the rose bloom.

Reader Reflections
Readers share their thoughts on profiles, articles, and tutorials featured in recent issues of The Flow.

Kiln Corner
How to Master a Digital Kiln Controller
by Arnold Howard
Photos Courtesy of Paragon Industries, L.P.
Arnold Howard, who writes instruction manuals for Paragon Industries, L.P., discusses the importance of becoming familiar with a kiln’s manual and the basic controller features of the kiln. Artists can practice entering and using controller schedules, modifying them as needed to achieve success with the kiln.

Text and Demonstration by Sabina Boehm
Photography by Amirah Milanoski
Sabina Boehm demonstrates how to sculpt dragonflies using Green Slyme, Green Stardust, Onyx, and Light Yellow rod. Prepared eyeball millefiori rod is used to add the eyes. Glass is crimped to form the wings, which are joined together in pairs and attached to the body. Balance is tested for proper hanging.

Beautiful Flowers
Capturing the Splendor of Nature in Glass
Text and Demonstration by Rocio Bearer
Rocio Bearer demonstrates the techniques used for building the glass flowers for the bridal bouquet and reception table arrangements she created for her daughter’s wedding. The flowers were made to glow under black light by outlining the petals and leaves with Illumaniti glass during construction of the blooms.

Kraken Sherlock Pipe
Text and Demonstration by Jimi
Photography by Windhome
Jimi demonstrates techniques for creating an octopus-shaped sculpture for a Sherlock pipe. Pink dots are added to the blue tentacles to create the octopus suction cups before shaping the tentacles. The body and one tentacle are hollow and are blown to an even wall thickness before attaching to each other.

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