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Winter 2013 **Print**

Winter 2013 **Print**
Brand: The Flow Magazine
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Letter from the Editor
by Jennifer Menzies

Jennifer Menzies, editor of The Flow, shares the news that Glass Craft & Bead Expo is joining The Flow and sister publication, Glass Art, as a sponsor for the Glass Craft Emerging Artist (GCEA) Award. Up to three emerging flameworking artists will be featured in the summer, fall, and winter issues of The Flow, with one artist being announced as the GCEA artist of the year in the spring issue of the following year.

9th Annual Gallery of Women in Glass
Featuring the work of 150 Female Flameworking Artists

The work of 150 talented flameworking artists is displayed in this Winter 2013 Women in Glass gallery. A multitude of designs that include everything from florals, geometrics, nature, and jewelry to liturgical and fantasy themes represent a wide variety of styles and techniques.

The Modern American Glass Bead
by Sara Sally LaGrand
Photos Courtesy of Patricia A. Frantz and Lewis Wilson

Sara Sally LaGrand gives readers an overview of how the art of flameworking developed in the United States as it grew out of a 1986 Penland School workshop. Glass artists Kate Fowle, Paul Stankard, Shane Fero, and others share their recollections of the trials and triumphs of those beginning days and how the medium has grown and prospered ever since.

What’s Hot
by Darlene Welch

Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books, patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow.

Nebula Bead-A Fun Beginner Bead Using Double Helix Clio
Text and Demonstration by Michele Coletti
Photography by Michele Coletti and Penny Dickinson

Michele Coletti demonstrates techniques for creating with Double Helix Clio silver reactive glass to help beginners practice working with Clio. The bead is layered and twisted, then end caps are applied and a decorative design is added using stringer. Bonus tips are also included for using reactive and nonreactive colors with Clio.

Flying Cupid
Text and Demonstration by Kristen Pickett
Photography by Pablo Thelegal Alienn

Kristen Pickett demonstrates the creation of a Cupid figure poised to shoot his bow and arrow. The wings and legs are set in a position to suggest that he is in flight. Tips are offered for shaping the various parts of the body using a graphite paddle and other tools. The finished Cupid can be hung from a chain through the halo and worn as a pendant.

Angel Pendant
Opening Text and Demonstration by Jami Leigh, Tutorial Text by William Menzies
Photography by Jeremy Fore

Jami Leigh demonstrates forming a clear maria, then adding dots in clusters and rows to create an angel design. The angel pattern is allowed to implode into the clear glass. A hanging loop is added to the top of the pendant to finish the piece.

Emergence-Birth of a Dragon
Text and Demonstration by Susan Hood
Photography by Julius Maceachern

Susan Hood demonstrates techniques for using a Puffy Mandrel to create a hollow bead of Ivory glass that is covered with silver leaf or foil, cooled, and shattered into shards. The shards plus copper mesh are used to decorate the main dragon’s head bead, which is fashioned with off mandrel work. The piece is completed using rod and stringer for the dragon’s eye.

Mermaid Scrolls Fumed Hollow Beads
Text and Demonstration by Aja Vaz
Photography by John Vaz

Aja Vaz demonstrates using a Puffy Mandrel to form hollow beads by placing two glass disks on each side of the hole in the mandrel, then filling in the space between the disks while maintaining the spherical shape of the bead. Decorations are added with fuming rod, fine silver, and stringer. The completed beads are then tumble-etched for a matte finish.

Aurora Borealis Shard Bead
Text, Demonstration, and Photography by Mary Lockwood

Mary Lockwood demonstrates adding wraps of clear glass to form a base bead that is decorated with random swipes of striking silver glass, then encased with clear. The cooled bead is shattered to form shards for decorating a black or opaque blue bead to add the appearance of the Northern Lights shining on the finished bead.

Kiln Corner-The Kiln Shelf
by Arnold Howard
Photography Courtesy of Paragon Industries, L.P.

Arnold Howard, who writes instruction manuals for Paragon Industries, L.P., provides answers to questions from artists on the proper maintenance of kiln shelves and for troubleshooting problems that can arise from poor shelf positioning in the kiln and other shelf issues.

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