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Fall 2013 **DIGITAL**

Fall 2013 **DIGITAL**
Brand: The Flow Magazine
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Letter from the Editor

by Jennifer Menzies

Jennifer Menzies, editor of The Flow, shares how minimalism and form, the fall issue’s theme, describes how art is stripped down to its most fundamental features. The issue contains many examples of this style including the work of flameworking artists, Eunsuh Choi, and Ben Elliott, plus five tutorials covering achieving symmetry, replicating a human spine, and depicting an elegant female figure.

Eunsuh Choi-Working through Challenges to Attain a Dream

by Colleen Bryan

Korean-born glass artist, Eunsuh Choi, who now works and teachers from her studio in Rochester, New York, uses flameworking techniques to create objects and installations composed of intricately fused glass threads. She forms countless tiny glass rods into cubes that surround ladders, trees, and other symbols of human aspirations.

Artist Profile-Ben Elliott

by Darlene Welch

Photography by Steve Mann and Cassie Floan

The work of Ben Elliott, who currently serves as an instructor at Jackson County Green Energy Park, comes to life from fragments of a familiar story unfolding through time and the cycles of life. Each piece is a personal narrative that may come from a memory, something that is occurring in the present, or future projections of things to come.

Salt’s Field Guide to Pipe Classic 7

by Salt

Photography by Tito

Pipe Classic 7, hosted by the Bern Gallery, provided a chance for twelve pipe artists to compete for the chance to win a GTT Delta Mag torch while getting to know their fellow artists. This one-of-a-kind event pushes its participants to reach a little higher and invent new techniques as they create their glass masterpieces.

Glasscaster with Marcie Davis

Bronwen Heilman-An Artist’s Love of Recycling Meets Glass Art

Photography by Bronwen Heilman, Doug Bauldwin, Maya Hawk, David Orr, and Robin Stancliff

Flameworking artist Bronwen Heilman remelts the glass found in the recycled bottles collected for her by local bars. Having originally been a jeweler and silversmith, she draws on these techniques as well as using other materials to decorate her beadwork before it is incorporated with other recycled materials to create bracelets, necklaces, and other decorative accessories.

What’s Hot

by Darlene Welch

Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books, patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow.


Smoke Surfer

Opening Text and Demonstration by Takoda Madrona, Additional Text and Photography by Sarah-Mae

Takoda Madrona uses the inspiration of the ideas behind a “ship in a bottle” to create 3-D surfer figure and ocean waves inside a functional tube. Blue and white frit are used to replicate the look of ocean waves for the surfing figure.

Approaching Symmetry

Text and Demonstration by William “Boxfan” Menzies

Wil Menzies demonstrates the techniques for adding horn-shaped figures to a central disk. Tips are included for helping artists to maintain even spacing when attaching the matching horns on opposing sides of the disk. Techniques for preparing the solid cane and the horn stock required for the piece are included.

Micro Tubulation

Text and Demonstration by Doug Zolbert

Doug Zolbert demonstrates how he uses the techniques he discovered while experimenting with creating a four-inch piece of pure white tubing to create rings of color. These micro tubulations can be used on their own or to accent other sections. Once created, they are easily worked into most shapes as long as they are not bent too quickly or stretched.

Modeling the Human Spine

Text and Demonstration by Jack Steele

Photography by Sean M. Ryan

Jack Steele shares general information and diagrams of the human spine, then demonstrates how to create the central portion of a basic spinal column. The finished spine, created from clear glass, is sandblasted to give it a more frosted, bonelike appearance.

Elegant Female Figur

Text and Demonstration by Steve Sizelove

Steve Sizelove demonstrates the use of white BoroBars to create an elegantly posed female figure. Techniques for preparing the basic bundled color rods, shaping the torso, adding the head, and posing the arms and legs.

Kiln Corner-Protecting Elements from Contamination

by Arnold Howard

Arnold Howard, who writes instruction manuals for Paragon Industries, L.P., provides answers to questions from artists on how to keep kiln elements from being damaged by exposure to such foreign materials as glass, kiln wash, glass separator, ceramic glaze, sand, and enameling powder.


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