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Spring 2012 **PRINT**

Spring 2012 **PRINT**
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Letter from the Editor

by Jennifer Menzies

Editor Jennifer Menzies reminds readers that glass art is created not only for its beauty but also for its utility, as demonstrated by a simple chess set by Lewis Wilson and a goblet with a twisted dichroic stem by Phil Sundling. She also announces the Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award winner for 2011, Zachary Jorgenson.

The Bern Gallery 2011 Pipe Classic

by Salt

Photography by Chris Carlson

Salt takes a look at the 2011 Bern Gallery Pipe Classic, which drew a dozen of the world’s best and most exciting pipe artists to Burlington, Vermont, to compete in the flame off for the sixth consecutive year. This six-day event allowed artists six hours to complete their work. The Classic ended by selecting the winning entries, auctioning the twelve completed pieces, and hosting a late-night closing party.

Galleria—A Collision of Artists and Mediums Worldwide

Featuring the work of seven flameworking pipe artists

The work of seven functional glass artists is featured in this Spring 2011 gallery. This pipe art includes many unique floral, geometric, insect, alien, and abstract designs.

Glassroots 2011 Roundtable Open Forum

by The Staff of The Flow

Panelist Photos by James B. Ritter

Glassroots 2011 featured a flame off and a trade show, but the highlight for many of the functional glass artists who attended was the Roundtable Open Forum discussion on the current state of functional glass art. Panelists included Robert Mickelsen, Bandhu Dunham, Margaret Zinser, Snic, Wil Menzies, Sean Mueller, and Paul Trautman.

Glasscaster with Marcie Davis

Deborah Carlson—Helping Artists to Rediscover the Spirit of Play

by Marcie Davis

Flameworking artist Deborah Carlson has devoted a lot of effort to devising ways for helping her students recapture the spirit of play as they work in glass. She is known for developing games that encourage finding creativity through spontaneity within a team format. Her own glass art includes tiny shirts decorated with ties and florals, fruit, insects in cocoons, and many other unique designs.

Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award

Introducing the 2011 GEAA Winner Zachary Jorgenson

Zachary Jorgenson, who has experienced working with furnace glass, discovered the intricacies of teamwork, and helped to start up Sonoran Glass Art Academy, was named as the Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award winner for 2011. While enjoying success with his lampworked sculpture, he learned more about murrine from Loren Stump and has refined his focus to creating lampworked murrine, marbles, and paperweights.

Creative Chain Mail Jewelry—Lampwork Links

Design by Kathy Petersen and Susan Matych-Hager

A variation of Byzantine chain can be used to show off a collection of small focal beads. This tutorial shares ways to create and join jump rings in patterns that create a stunning way to display small glass art beads as well as large-hole focal beadwork.

Chess Sets—A Simple Approach

Text and Demonstration by Lewis C. Wilson

Chess pieces offer a great opportunity for creating unusual characters for the playing pieces. This simple chess set from Lewis Wilson is made by posting the characters and mounting them in purchased, predrilled marble bases and rescuing the playing board from flea markets or garage sales.

What’s Hot

by Darlene Welch

Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books and patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow.

Nontraditional Techniques for Goblets with Dichro Twist Stems

Text and Demonstration by Phil Sundling

Tutorial Photos by Chris Famelette, Red Rock Productions

Finish Photos by Phil Sundling

Phil Sundling demonstrates techniques for creating a goblet cup, stem, and foot. The stem is made by preheating the active side of a small square of dichroic, combining it with 19 mm rod, and finishing it with a twist before attaching it between the cup and foot using nontraditional techniques.

Owl—Working with Glass Alchemy Tailor Made™ Cane

Text and Demonstration by Milon Townsend

Milon Townsend demonstrates using Tailor Made striped black-and-white cane from Glass Alchemy to create an owl sculpture with spread wings. All of the detail is created simply by raking and applying the cane. The project shows the excellent detail that can be achieved when the individual feathers are made using the striped cane.

Tool Review with Bronwen Heilman

by Bronwen Heilman

Photography by Maya Hawk

Bronwen Heilman takes a look at using marvers and mashers designed and manufactured by Trey Cornette, who is well-known for his ultrathin beads, twisted cane, and fine stringer work. He makes his marver and masher out of heavy-gauge brass instead of steel, which Bronwen found to be helpful for holding the glass, making shaping easier. She also found the tools to be very well made and to have a good feel in the hand.

Faces of Easter Island

Text and Demonstration by Craig Lewis

Craig Lewis demonstrates the creation of functional glass art pieces that resemble the faces found on Easter Island. Layers of frit are applied to 38 mm tubing and melted in, then the tube is attached to a blow tube and shaped using slight puffs and a carving blade.

The Kiln Corner—Electric Circuit Breakers

by Arnold Howard

Arnold Howard, who writes instruction manuals for Paragon Industries, L.P., provides answers to questions from readers to help them learn the basics of how a circuit breaker works, the best ways to shut off power when kilns are not in use, and ways to determine which circuit a kiln is using.

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