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Summer 2012 **PRINT**

Summer 2012 **PRINT**
Brand: The Flow Magazine
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Letter from the Editor

by Jennifer Menzies

Editor Jennifer Menzies reminds readers how exciting it can be for artists to collaborate to create beautiful new works of art that are bigger than the sum of the individual parts. As the best of each artist is joined to the best of others, there is a special give-and-take that can’t be experienced any other way.

Flow Summer 2012 Collaborative Gallery

Featuring the collaborative work of twenty hot glass artists

The work of various teams of flameworking artists is displayed in this summer collaborative gallery. Included are fifteen pieces of functional, decorative, and whimsical art plus examples of murrine marbles.

Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award

Featuring the art of Beau Tsai, Ikuyo Yamanaka, and Susan Hood

Photography for Susan Hood by Megan Element

This Summer 2012 Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award segment of The Flow features: Beau Tsai, who is well known for his meticulous attention to detail in his one-of-a-kind nature sculptures; Ikuyo Yamanaka, who concentrates on making beads from soft glass; and Susan Hood, who operates a “Bead and Breakfast” retreat in addition to making beads and traveling to present demonstrations, classes, and shows.

Joe Peters and Peter Muller—Sculptural Elements Meet Contemporary Forms

by Victoria Matthews

Photography by Victor Janczar

Joe Peters and Peter Muller have enjoyed a four-year-long exploration of the melding of their two approaches to the same material. Muller brings his love of clean, contemporary furnace-blown vessels that have been deconstructed and reassembled to create nooks, crannies, and platforms. Peters then creates masterful flameworked sculptural elements that interact and become focal points for those forms.

Make Collaboration a Success

by Mary Ann Helmond with Roxann Blazetich-Ozols

Photography by Roxann Blazetich-Ozols, Thomas Wright, and Maris Weiss

Mary Ann Helmond and Roxann Blazetich-Ozols share how collaborative efforts in glass art can help all of the artists involved to contribute their best techniques to the finished piece. They also point out important considerations for selecting fellow artists to work with and choosing the right shows to enter.

Pop Goes Art Gallery

Featuring the work of six glass artists

Photography by Lisa Oechsli, Solidarity Photography

Pop Goes Art, a collaborative effort that brought together professional costumers, hair designers, and models, was part of the Bluegrass Art Experience presented by Chez Moi Gallery at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The jewelry created by six flameworking artists whose work has appeared in the pages of The Flow was also modeled in the show.

Glasscaster with Marcie Davis

Tom Doner—Mr. Wonka and the Wonderful World of AGI

by Marcie Davis

Photography by Andrew Moch

Tom and Elaine Doner, owners of Wonka Corp and the Glass Blowing Center in Hilliards, Pennsylvania, share how they developed the Art Glass Invitational (AGI), a yearly meeting of flameworkers who are invited to come to learn from other artists and share their own techniques as well.

Galleria—A Collision of Artists and Mediums Worldwide

Featuring the work of six flameworking artists

The Galleria includes the functional and sculptural glass art of six flameworking artists. Included are stylized nature sculptures, human figures, functional art, and contemporary sculptures.

Down to the River—Hunting Treasures in Corning

by Sue Leroux

Sue Leroux shares a day spent with fellow artists attending a course at The Corning Museum of Glass as they searched the bank of the main river that runs through the center of town. The treasures they found there in the form of pieces of timeworn glass were used to make their own glasswork and provided them with a way to create art by, in essence, collaborating with the past.

A Touch of Color—Using Glass to Enhance Wood Vessels

Text and Demonstration by David Lutrick with Lara Lutrick

Photography by David Lutrick

Father-and-daughter team, David and Lara Lutrick, demonstrate how Lara’s glass beads were used to add color and style to David’s woodworked vessels in two projects. The first uses red resin and black leather dye to color the vessel to match and complement the beads. The second is a cascara bowl to which beads that have been enhanced with silver foil are added as a handle.

I Am a Leaf on the Wind—A Short Bit about My Experience as a Gypsy Glassblower, Collaborations, and Life on the Road

by Ben Burton, aka Burtoni

Ben Burton shares his adventures traveling to various glass events, where he has had the opportunity to meet many other artists. His collaborations with those artists have taught him optimal ways to share the experience of creating art with someone else, how to price the resulting work, and how to learn from others as well as share what he has learned with them.

What’s Hot

by Darlene Welch

Information on the latest in new glass types and colors, supplies and tools, kilns, books and patterns, and anything else that glass artists and enthusiasts need for working in hot, warm, and cold glass can be found in the What’s Hot section of The Flow.


Bender Back Wagination

Text and Demonstration by 8mm

Photography by Zorn

This demonstration by 8mm shares techniques for creating wig wag designs. He shows how to bend small sections of heated tubing, then bend the tubing while turning the piece in the flame. As the piece is turned, the bending causes a bump to appear in the lines of the tube, which allows for more back and forth, or wig and wag, in the design.

The Kiln Corner—Special Kiln Programming

by Arnold Howard

Arnold Howard, who writes instruction manuals for Paragon Industries, L.P., provides answers to questions from readers to help them learn the basics of how to combine firing schedules, determine ramps to avoid overfiring bronze clay, and program a kiln for annealing beads.

Royal Angelfish

Text by Wil Menzies, Demonstration by Beau Tsai

This design by Beau Tsai features a detailed, realistic sculptural representation of an angelfish created using various shades of rod, cane, and frit. Tips are included for performing a successful rake, the proper use of the tools required to add details to the fish, and the correct placement of the fins to give the impression of movement in the sculpture.

Tool Review with Bronwen Heilman

by Bronwen Heilman

Photography by Bronwen Heilman

Bronwen Heilman takes a look at graphite molds and tools manufactured by Weaver Industries and tests “The Perfect Tool” from Weaver. The system has various attachments including the Angled Groove Plate, the plane flat plate, and the oval, football shaped tool, all of which attach quickly and easily to the base with a plus-shaped hole and exposed plus shape that fit securely into each other.

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