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The Flow Lampworking E-Newsletter - Wiinter 2012

The Flow Newsletter Winter 2012  Edition

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Dear Readers,

We are happy to once again present our "Women in Glass" issue filled with the work of loads of talented female artists. This year, the gallery alone gives you insights into the world of 124 sculptural and bead artists who work in everything from florals, geometrics, and nature to tempting edibles, liturgical symbols, and fantasy art. These themes are endless and come from the unlimited imaginations of our creative ladies who reside the world over.

I hope that in the new year you will find the time and resources to get involved in some workshops presented by artists who are wiling to share what they have learned along the way. If traveling isn't possible, why not take advantage of a great opportunity from our sister publication, Glass Patterns Quarterly, through Glass Expert Webinars™ to learn tips and tricks that guarantee success in your own glass art without leaving home. These live, interactive Web workshops feature renowned glass artists who demonstrate their signature techniques and allow participants to ask questions via live chat.  For more details, visit and click on "Glass Expert Webinars" under "What's New."

As always . . . Keep your light shining and your torches lit!

Jennifer Menzies

Upcoming Deadlines for Submission

Fall 2013

Theme:  Minimalism and Form

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2013

Winter 2013

Theme:  9th Annual Women in Glass

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2013

If you are interested in becoming a contributing artist for The Flow, visit for a link to themes of upcoming issues, author guidelines, and submission forms.Flow Web site photo

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Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award
Winter 2012
Demetra began to create glass beads as a hobby but found that her ideas and sketches needed to be translated on a larger scale. During a lampworking apprenticeship, she was introduced to borosilicate glass, a material well suited to creating glass sculpture behind the torch. In 2007, she switched her focus from beadmaking to lampworked glass sculpture and is self-taught in the techniques needed to create her signature nests, flowers, and branches.
Visit to view more of Demetra's glass art.
Glass captivates Astrid as she brings this otherwise solid state into a fluid motion and creates from her own imagination a new shape, with designs and colors that are captured forever when the glass returns to its state of rest again. She particularly loves to have lots of depth, layers, and textures in her beads so that viewers are drawn deeper into the bead to discover new things not so obvious at first glance. Her hollow bead technique puts the designs on the inside of the bead, thus opening up a world of new possibilities for her, which she shares with others through her tutorials.
Visit to view more of Astrid's glass art.
Quick Links

Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2013


KBW 4th Annual Conference Cruise

Design by Debbie Tarsitano
In 2000 I began experimenting using canes to express ideas. The pieces I created using canes are few and haven't been seen by many people. I developed extremely complex designs using canes as the main element to dene a subject.


A Vessel

Made on a Mandrel


Design by Jacquelyn Rice

C.N.Y. Glass Studio

Jacquelyn demonstrates the creation of miniature vessels that are made on a mandrel. There are several different things you can do to give your vessel its very own uniqueness! Add a couple of handles, raised dots, or even some flowers! You can purchase small corks at a local hardware store to use for a topper.

Glass Expert Webinars™
New at
Glass Patterns Quarterly
Live, Two-Hour
Interactive Web Workshop with Renowned Glass Artists
No Traveling Required!
$89 per Webinar!
Heart image.jpgDavid Alcala
Petra Kaiser
Tanya Veit
Milon Townsend
reactive-sculpture.jpg 12-150.jpg
Glass Expert Webinars
Visit for more details and a listing of local times for upcoming Webinars.

The Flow Winter 2012

8th Annual Gallery of Women in GlassTheFlowWinter20...163x211(1).jpg

The Winter 2012 issue of The Flow is filled with wonderful examples of the glass art that comes from the imaginations of female glass artists the world over. This issue's gallery presents the work of 124 ladies that cover beads and sculptural art with a multitude of themes including nature, florals, geometric designs, liturgical symbols, fantasy art, and everything in between. Edith Franklin shares her experiences as one of the students in Harvey Littleton's famous "Toledo Workshop" class that is considered to be the beginning of the American Studio Glass movement, and a look at the sculptural work of Laurel Marie Hagner demonstrates how hot glass sculptural artists can become involved in creating architectural applications. Three great tutorials for preparing reactive cane, creating sea pod beads, and building some "froggy friends" round out this exciting issue.

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We hope you've enjoyed reading our Winter 2012 Newsletter and welcome any comments or ideas for upcoming issues.

Jennifer Menzies, Editor

The Flow Staff

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