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Summer 2011 Newsletter

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The Flow Lampworking E-Newsletter - Summer 2011
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The Flow Newsletter Summer 2011 Edition

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Dear Readers,

The issue where we explore the fascinating world of marbles is such a favorite of mine. Marbles can be captivating and quite addictive once you conquer the sometimes illusive round shape.

Contemporary marbles and paperweights are collected to this day and have such a fascinating history. Our children and their friends have a great time playing classic marble games and making up their own. The part they enjoy the most, though, is selecting their favorite marbles to play with. Our only rule is no boro marbles only softies. Playing for "keepsies" also makes the game way more exciting! If you'd like to check out a few classic marble games, you can go to, where you will find plenty of information about playing with as well as collecting marbles. Antique marble toys, mazes, and runs can be downright habit forming if you love old glass memorabilia.

If you're in the market to sell some of your marble art, there are a few things to keep in mind when catering to the collector. Visible flaws such as bubbles (unless intentional), striations, and scratches can adversely affect the value. When it comes to marbles, however, complete roundness is the most important aspect to serious collectors. With contemporary marbles and paperweights, an identifying mark and date are also imperative.

Whether you are making paperweights or spheres, you are sure to find inspiration in this issue! There are nine great tutorials to guide you as you pursue that perfect marble, with information for everything from creating an air trap implosion marble, decorating the back sides, and cold working implosion cubes to creating tiny universes in glass and making sure that your marble runs are operating at their optimal best. All in all, I'd say the adventures in this issue will keep you creating for quite a while.


As always . . . Keep your light shining and your torches lit!

Jennifer Menzies

Upcoming Deadlines for Submission

Winter 2011 Seventh Annual Women in Glass

Submission Deadline September 1, 2011

Release Date                      December 17, 2011

Spring 2012 The Forms of Function

Submission Deadline          December 1, 2011

Release Date                      March 18, 2012

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The Flow Summer 2011
Bashi Ale

Bashi Ale

Bashi, a passionate Pacific Northwest artist, was first introduced to flameworking when he moved to Eugene, Oregon, in 1997. An artist who comes from a long line of artisans and Italian crafts-men, he had already made significant strides in establishing himself as a surrealistic illustrator and painter when he discovered his muse in glass. Bashi is best known for his custom jewelry and art marbles, and his work can be seen in galleries, museums, and private collections world-wide.

Visit to learn more about Bashi Alé and his art.

Nathan Snyder

Nathan began lampworking in the summer of 2001 in Mapleton, Utah, after a friend gave him an open invitation to come to his shop and watch him work. He was instantly hooked. Nathan spent hours each day just watching his friend, hypnotized by the glass spinning in the flame, and couldn't wait to get behind a torch of his own. A year later he began his own journey and spent every free moment behind the torch being captivated by the glow of the molten glass. He works exclusively with borosilicate glass, which has a very high melting point but also provides what Nathan feels is the most optical clarity available. Visit to learn more about Nathan Snyder and his art.

Zachary Jorgenson



Zachary Jorgenson

Zachary began exploring glass in 1999. After some initial discoveries in the medium, he was ready for a change and delved into glass art full time. Intrigued by the larger scale and teamwork of furnace glass, Zachary took a class at a local studio and soon got a job on the production team. He helped to start up Sonoran Glass Academy, taught off-hand glassblowing classes at night, and taught weekend lampworking classes. In 2004, he refined his focus to lampworked murrine, marbles, and paperweights. He continues to explore his interests in glass imagery and pattern. As of 2007, Zachary resides in Oregon with Chelsea and their daughter. Visit to learn more about Zachary Jorgenson and his art.

Sonoran Glass Art Academy

Sonoran GlassSu11NL

Flame Off 2010

by Adam Villarreal

Amidst the Arizona desert the Sonoran Glass Art Academy (SGAA) has been hosting its Flame Offs for nearly a decade. Founded by Tom Philbaum, the event has grown into a flameworking show of international acclaim. Sonoran has done a great job in bringing people from far and wide to be a part of the show. A huge thanks goes out on behalf of the SGAA to all the sponsors who make this event possible, as well as to the competitors, without whom there wouldn't be much of a Flame Off.

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Scientific Glassblowing
by Michael J. Souza

It usually comes up as you're introduced to someone. Names and pleasantries are exchanged and the conversation shifts to, "So what do you do for a living?" "I'm a scientific glassblower."  There's a pause and they look as if they've been interrupted midstream. Curiosity follows and details must be provided for a subject about which no one has the foggiest idea. Whats surprising is that glass as a material and a craft should be so mysterious to people in general. It is after all a substance that is so common and so essential to everyday life.


Boro Stix

Boro Stix

by Milon Townsend

There is a lot of information on working with Boro Stix that I want to cover. They are functional for a variety

of applications: surface work, internal work, implosions, and even tube pulls. Most of what I do is surface work, so I enlisted the help of a friend, Mr. Smith, to help demonstrate the workability of the Boro Stix in a stick stack. Since moving to Boro Stix, I have never looked back.


Industry News
Glass art teachers, don't miss a fantastic opportunity! Apply today for your $100 supply grant form the Kay Bain Weiner (KWB) Foundation. The application deadline is December 15, 2011. Recipients selected by KBW Foundation board members will be contacted by January 30, 2012. Apply today. For more information visit


The Kay Bain Weiner Art Educational Foundation,
otherwise known as KBW Foundation, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to stimulate the public's interest and growth in the glass industry through
educational projects.


The 3rd Annual Glass Art Conference Cruise in January 15, 2012, aboard Celebrity's Elegant Ship Solstice. Join us for an extraordinary educational vacation aboard this world-class luxury ship! One week from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Network with authors, retailers, publishers, instructors, art lovers, and hobbyists from all over the country. For more information or to book this cruise, call Herb Weiner at 1.760.603.8646.
E-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit
This Fundraising Cruise is Sponsored by KBW Educational Glass Art Foundation.

The Flow

Summer 2011

Marble & Paperweight Issue



The Summer 2011 issue of The Flow is filled with beautiful examples from the world of marbles and paperweights. You won't want to miss the stunning gallery featuring thirty-five outstanding artists, profiles of Victor Trabucco and Robert Willson, tips from Bandhu Dunham and Gateson Recko, and nine full-color, step-by-step  tutorials. The announcement of the three latest winners of the Glasscraft Emerging Art Awards, coverage of important industry events, and welcome answers to your kiln problems round out this great issue.


For more information or to become a subscriber call 1.800.719.0769 or visit and start your subscription with the upcoming Fall 2011 issue due out in mid-September.

The Flow Summer 2011.....

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We hope you've enjoyed reading our Summer 2011 Newsletter and welcome any comments or ideas for upcoming issues.  Look for our Fall Newsletter in November 2011.

Jennifer Menzies, Editor


The Flow Staff

The Flow Magazine

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