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The Flow Lampworking E-Newsletter - Spring 2013

The Flow Newsletter                                                                             Spring 2013  Edition


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Dear Readers,


Spring is here once again, bringing with it fragrant blooms, plenty of sunshine, and evolving plans for vacation time. I hope your own plans include being involved in ways to improve your current glass art skills and learn some new techniques from artists who have gone before you.


We hope you got to attend the 2013 Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas and stopped by our Booth to say hello.  The Flow and its sister publication GPQ once again sponsored the live demo stage. This was a great opportunity to watch renowned glass artists as they demonstrated the techniques that made them famous.


For those of you who aren't able to attend glass shows or take advantage of any live workshops this year, we have an answer for that Glass Expert Webinars from our sister publication, Glass Patterns Quarterly provide a way for you to attend workshops on the Internet with renowned glass artist- - -no traveling required!  Participants can ask the artist questions via live chat and receive answers in real time.  Postworkshop DVDs are also available. Look for a link to more info on our home page at  www.theflowmagazine.com.
As always . . . Keep your light shining and your torches lit!


Jennifer Menzies


Upcoming Deadlines for Submission   

Fall 2013                                    

Theme:  Minimalism and Form

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2013


Winter 2013

Theme:  9th Annual Women in Glass

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2013


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The Flow  Artist Profile
 Design by Kate Rothra Fleming
Kate's work in glass translates her lifelong fascination with natural history. Redolent of Caribbean sea urchins, Kalahari melons, the Montezuma Oropendola, the colors and life she has seen in her travels through Botswana, India, and Central America fuel her imagination.

Visit www.katerothrafleming.com to view more of Kate's glass art.
                     Bird in a Bubble
             Design by Kari Chittenden
This tutorial is an exercise in flame control and patience. It also safely combines COEs, which with this bead is essential. Creating the bird bead only requires an easy, sculptural technique. To put the bird in a bubble, however, is a challenge, because it requires combining a hollow bead with a sculptural bead inside. This hobby quickly turned into a passion for Kari. Her beads and buttons can be found in over a dozen stores, at her booth at the local Farmer's Market, or online at 

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                   Dragonfly Pendant 


            Design by William McNerney     

Glass is a beautiful medium in which to explore the imagery of the dragonfly. I came up with this dragonfly pendant idea using big eyes, translucent wings, and a segmented tail to make it very recognizable, yet also sturdy enough to wear. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and find the dragonfly to be a fun project.

Visit www.livingstonestudio.com to view more of William's glass art. 

                   Boro Mermaid Bead 


               Design by Rocio Bearer     

Rocio Bearer offers tips for preparing mandrels, making hair cane, and making flower cane to sculpt a mermaid on the mandrel. The mermaid bead is a great way to combine and practice a wide range of techniques.   

Glass Expert Webinars™ 
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        Glass Patterns Quarterly 
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Renowned Glass Artists
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$89 per Webinar
       Dennis Brady - Glass Weaving 
          June 4, 2013  &  June 6, 2013
           Tony Glander - Screen Printing
                     June 18, 2013
            Dennis Brady - Screen Melt
             Glass Expert Webinars™ 
          Visit www.GlassPatterns.com 
for more details and a
listing of local times for
    upcoming Webinars.    

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We hope you've enjoyed reading our Spring 2013 Newsletter and welcome any comments or ideas for upcoming issues.    

Jennifer Menzies, Editor 


The Flow Staff 

The Flow Magazine 

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