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The Flow Lampworking E-Newsletter - Spring 2011

The Flow Newsletter Spring 2011 Edition

Jennifer headshotDear Readers,

Welcome to this Fantasy Art issue from The Flow. We're here to celebrate the fact that artists are filled with imagination, which leads to ideas that have never been considered before. Those ideas guide us to the discovery of all kinds of new and exciting shapes, dimensions, and creatures. Then before you know it, artists are translating them into masterpieces in glass.

I love being part of a community of people who are so creative and open to new ideas. We all share the desire to take our art higher and higher. The Flow is happy to be part of that process by providing a forum where artists can introduce others to artwork that demonstrates where their imaginations have taken them. It's fascinating to see how working in glass makes these innovative ideas come to life. I can't think of an art medium where I would rather be working than in glass.

As always . . . Keep your light shining and your torches lit!

Jennifer Menzies

Upcoming Deadlines for Submission

Winter 2011 Seventh Annual Women in Glass

Submission Deadline September 1, 2011

Release Date                    December 17, 2011

Spring 2012                       The Forms of Function

Submission Deadline      December 1, 2011

Release Date                     March 18, 2012

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The Flow Spring 2011

Duval Decko

Muriel Duval

Mauriel is a self-taught Belgian artist who is now located in Quebec, Canada. She likes getting fresh ideas from nature by means of the fire and the air and invents earth and sea universes in glass. For as long as she can remember, the ocean has influenced her imagination. Visit www.murielduval.com to view more of Muriel's creations.

Muriel Duval
Joshua DeWall
Innovative ideas and technical perfection are very important to Joshua, but glass interests him in other ways as well. A lot of time, what can become the focus is not so much the object that he is making, but rather the process itself. He loves moving glass and himself with it. He feels that it's like dancing, and he likes for the idea of movement and flow to come out in his finished pieces. You can reach Joshua DeWall
by e-mailing
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





JCox DragonEye





Jeannie Cox

Every technique that Jeannie learns becomes a tool for her art, and she loves to share her enthusiasm for glass with others. She loves depth, originality, and variance in her pieces. These qualities can be seen in her unique aquarium beads, marbles, and relief beads. She has also developed some specialty pieces, which include layered scenic beads with raised surface trees and cacti plus her Dragon Eye Pendants. Visit www.jeansbeads.com to view more of Jeannie's

glass art.


Colorado Project

Colorado Project

Glass Artists with a Mission

by Adam Villarreal

The purpose of the Colorado Project was to create a

collaborative glass art installation consisting of a four-foot by-eight-foot mask to be sold at auction to raise money for Learning Landscapes, a Univeristy of Colorado program that rebuilds playgrounds in disrepair.


Quick Links



by Kimberly Affleck

The seahorse beads I make are

done with raked, twisted canes. I generally make a large, flat bead for a canvas. I have used barbeque mashers and a crunch press to make core beads for the seahorses. The beads made with these usually start out with a long, thick, well-shaped tube bead. Most of my seahorse beads are made with a Cattwalk Crunch Press. For this tutorial, I decided to use Jim Morres' Cushion Mashers. This tool allows me to make a core bead that is more random in shape and leads itself to some creative shaping at the end.


Dichroic Wrapping

Dichroic Wrapping-Milon

by Milon Townsend

This process is extremely sensitive.  It is very difficult to move fast enough and keep the figure hot enough to prevent cracking. The wrap is so much thinner than the figure that it cools more swiftly, leading to additional stress and problems with cracking. It can produce beautiful results.

Perfume Bottle
ScuRosePerfume Bottle

by Brayton Furlong

Making beautiful decorative perfume bottles can be very rewarding and even challenging at times. The combination of blowing the bottle and sculpting the stopper on a torch enables you to fully utilize the advantage we have as flameworkers to create something by other means, difficult or impossible.


Jaw Breaker


by Gena Crivello-Knable



The Flow Spring 2011
Fantasy Art Issue


The Spring 2011 issue of The Flow explores the creativity that abounds among artists within the glass community in this salute to Fantasy Art. Eric Goldschmidt takes a look at how flameworking provides a focal point for finding the creativity within. Then meet the three latest Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award winners and find out what led Lucio Bubacco to a career as a studio glass artist in a Glasscaster interview with Marcie Davis. Seven step-by-step, full-color tutorials by Genea Crivello-Knable, Alex Krupkin, Deb Crowley, Dennis Briening, Robert Kincheloe, Carl Spunde, and Milon Townsend finish out this inspiring issue. For a complete list of features, look for our Spring 2011 issue at www.theflowmagazine.com.

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We hope you've enjoyed reading our newsletter and welcome any comments or ideas for upcoming issues.  Look for our next Newsletter in August 2011.

Jennifer Menzies, Editor

The Flow Staff
The Flow Magazine

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