Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,MargaretZinserHuntLetterPhoto300

I’m honored to be the contributing editor for the 13th Annual Women in Glass issue of The Flow. While women in art and craft have historically been underrecognized, this oversight seems to occur less frequently in the glass world. Women have played a vital role in the history of flameworking. Their important contributions range from making beads in Italy, crafting glass ornaments in Germany, and doing the detail cutting and engraving work in U.S. production shops in the late 1800s and early 1900s to being prominent players in the early Studio Glass movement that began in the early 1960s. In contemporary flamework, we see many significant female contributors from sculptors and beadmakers to scientific glassworkers. In modern functional glass, we continue to see an increasing representation of female artists.

   It is with great impact that the editors of The Flow continue their long-standing commitment to featuring the innovations and contributions of women to flameworking. The stories we tell with our flameworked creations matter and deserve space. I’m grateful that the magazine has helped to create a vehicle for sharing visual stories and provide a forum for sharing technique, process, and artistry.

   As a longtime reader and contributor to The Flow, I look forward to each year’s Women in Glass issue. The rich and varied Gallery of Women in Glass highlights the development of more established artists as well as presenting new creations from emerging artists. The creativity of all these extraordinary flameworking artists is truly breathtaking.

   We are drawn to this medium for the fire, the versatility and possibilities of form, color, and texture. Every piece we shape in the flame brings with it new lessons. Whether we’ve made one or a thousand of an object, there is always something we learn. There are always new ideas and approaches to explore and techniques to develop, all helping to shape a deeper understanding of this magical molten medium.

   The explosion of new artists over the last decade—certainly in functional glass, but also in other facets of flameworking—has brought a greater demand for more specialized tools, torches, and equipment. Suppliers have certainly responded to that need. We have a wider palette of glass colors available to us than ever before, whether in soda lime or borosilicate glass. The possibilities are truly limitless. We are so fortunate that our community is characterized by open, supportive, and generous sharing of techniques and processes. This issue celebrates not only women in glass but our unique and remarkable flameworking community as well. Here’s to raising a virtual and hopefully flameworked glass to all of you!

May your torches and your creative voices stay bright!

Margaret Zinser Hunt

Contributing Editor



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Summer 2018                              Marbles and Paperweights
Submission Deadline          March 1, 2018


Fall 2018                            Functional Glass Art
Submission Deadline         June 1, 2018


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