Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,Jennifereadshot

Perspective can be a strange thing. From the summit of Mt. Everest to the depths of the Marianas Trench, Planet Earth is filled with great diversity. Yet, if you see the earth while standing on the moon, our planet is smoother and more orblike than the roundest cue ball.
   The same is true of the contemporary marble. On the outside it is smooth and round, feigning perfection. Take a closer look, however, and the glass orb can contain its own universe of color and pattern, achieving a harmonious diversity that captures the viewer.
   This is the fourth celebration of the glass orb for The Flow. Our participation in the evolution and documentation of the modern contemporary marble has been a fascinating journey. Each orb contains a naked statement that exposes the creator in an unabashed 360-degree view. The dedication committed by the artist to the orb is a journey that is never completed. 
   We would like to take a moment to thank Zac Cohen, owner of Zac’s Lost His Marbles, for sharing his extensive collection of contemporary marbles with our readers. We believe this to be the most comprehensive marble gallery to date. Without the participation of our readers such as Zac, The Flow would not be the journal that it is today. 
   Please keep an eye out for our newsletter. There were so many wonderful articles for this issue that there was no way to fit them all into our print format. The e-newsletter will be available around the middle of August and will feature Ro Purser, the father of the contemporary marble movement. We will also feature the new Wheaton Village Marble Weekend. To subscribe to the newsletter, visit our home page at www.theflowmagazine.com and click on the “Sign up for The Flow E-Mail Newsletter” link right above the white search box to begin receiving these quarterly sends. While you’re on the website, be sure to check out all of the great offerings from The Flow.

As always . . . Keep your light shining and your torches lit!

Jennifer Menzies




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Winter 2014                  10th Annual Women in Glass
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Spring 2015                  Nature

Submission Deadline     December 1, 2014


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