Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,Jennifereadshot

We are thrilled to bring you the latest Women in Glass issue of The Flow. This 10th annual showcase of the work of over 120 female flameworking artists reminds us just how imaginative we ladies can be when it comes to expressing ourselves in glass. You’ll also find six terrific tutorials for soft and boro projects that include dichroic coated copper foil and silver glass encased floral beads, tips for creating simple faces, and painted focal beads. Add the Glasscaster interview with flameworking maven, Liz Mears, plus the profile on the latest adventures of artist Laurie Young, and we think you’ll agree that this one great issue.
   All of us at The Flow want to thank you, our readers, for your continued support over the past year. We count it a privilege to bring you this enduring resource to help make your glass art better than ever. In a world where many people think that digital media has surpassed the printed word, it’s interesting to note that magazine readership in general has actually risen over the past five years. Studies show that even in the age of the Internet—even among groups that we might expect to be more hooked on digital media—the appeal of hard copy magazines is growing. Educational journals like The Flow are meant to be collected, shared, and referred to over and over again as a source of inspiration for artists and students alike. It’s a place where techniques can be learned, new designs can be discovered, and ideas from flameworkers the world over can spark fresh ideas in your own work.
  The Internet can be exhilarating in the moment and bring us new info, but it can also be fleeting. Sometimes, even if we find something that inspires and motivates us, we try to revisit the site only to discover that the material has vanished in the mist. But print media is forever and is always waiting to be rediscovered. We have heard from many of our readers who are proud of their extensive collection of issues from   The Flow and look forward to adding many more to their treasure trove.
   If you value The Flow—if it brings you inspiration and helps you continually improve your own creations—then be sure to support the magazine by renewing your subscription or by starting a new one if you don’t have one already. Then share what you like with the people you know and encourage them to subscribe as well. You can also help make The Flow the perfect magazine for flameworking artists by visiting us on Facebook and letting us know what and who you’d like to see featured in the pages of this great magazine. We look forward to hearing your suggestions to help us reach our goal—being the best flameworking publication available.

As always . . . Keep your light shining and your torches lit!

Jennifer Menzies




Upcoming Deadlines for Submission


Spring 2015                  Nature
Submission Deadline     extened to January 15, 2015


Summer 2015               Marbles and Paperweights

Submission Deadline     March 1, 2015


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