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Dear Readers,Jennifereadshot

I want to invite you once again to join us for an adventure into the fabulous world of marbles and paperweights. Our 2017 Summer gallery presents a remarkable collection of work by 35 artists who have discovered the “not always easy” techniques required for creating perfectly round spheres out of glass. Then we’ll take a look at recent flameworking events, including the Marble Weekend at WheatonArts and Marble Crazy, which has been put on each year since 1999 by the folks at Moon Marble. This year also saw the first gathering for Glass Vegas, an invitation to functional flameworkers where they could meet, reconnect, and share new discoveries.

   Featured in this issue are four great tutorials by Alan Eaton, Michael Dickinson, Sabina Boehm, and Milon Townsend designed to help you up your game as a glass artist plus a look at the trend toward making marbles in ever-growing diameters through the work of Scott Pernicka. It’s also a thrill for us to be able to share an excerpt from Studio Craft as Career, A Guide to Achieving Excellence in Art-Making. This latest book from renowned artist and teacher, Paul J. Stankard, shares a wonderful perspective on finding you way as a glass artist.

   I hope you have been taking advantage of the Talking Out Your Glass podcasts produced by our sister publication, Glass Art. These podcasts offer interviews and discussions with world-renowned glass artists and respected experts. What a great resource for learning more about the backgrounds of famous glass artists and the techniques they have developed. A recent interview with Robert Mickelsen joins those of many celebrated flameworking artists including Lino Tagliapietra, Banjo, Richard Jolley, Fritz Dreisbach, Ginny Ruffner, Ben Sharp, Benjamin Belgrad, and Richard Marquis. You’ll find your way to beginning your free podcast subscription on Stitcher or iTunes by following the link to Talking Out Your Glass from our home page at www.theflowmagazine.com.

As always . . . Keep your light shining and your torches lit!

Jennifer Quaid




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