Wednesday, 24 March 2010 16:13

Albuquerque Flame-Off 2002

Written by William “Boxfan” Menzies
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William “Boxfan” Menzies covers the epic 2002 Flame-Off that was hosted by Lewis Wilson of Crystal Myths. This largest flame-off of its time was attended by some of the greatest present and future glass artists including Andrew Brown, Terri Casbary Schmidt, Lauri Copeland, Sharon Peters, Ross Thackery, Pati Walton, Harold Cooney, Bryan Kitson, Gateson Recko, Josh Sable, Jesse Taj, Eli Aller, Marcel Braun, Jared DeLong, Doni Hatz, Barry Laffler, James Lynch, Roger Parramore, Dellene Peralta, Doug