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Information on new flameworking books and products including: new Effetre/Moretti colors from Frantz Art Glass & Supply; changeable bails from Rings & Things; “crinklized” patterns from Coatings By Sandberg; new colors for Fusion DX 90 from Uroboros; a full line of Friedrich Beadmaking 104 from Hot Glass Color; Karen Leonardo Featherbone and Fishbone tools; bronze pineapple molds from Olympic Color Rods; DichroMagic® from Austin Thin Films; Don McKinney’s Glory Hole from Ed Hoy International; new wine stoppers from Aanraku; flameworking needs from Trev’s Glass; three new colors from Momka’s Glass; the Mini Milon Bench Burner from Nortel Manufacturing; Art Bead Jewelry by Karen Leonardo from Kalmbach Books; the GM-2 LT controller from Skutt; and the fortieth annual Glass art Society (GAS) conference
Team Weinmayer (Bernd Weinmayer), the only one-man “team” at the 2009 International Hot Glass invitational (IHGI), created an illuminated Jellyfish. Assistant, Sean Müller, helped Bernd with the tiny connection work for the jelly’s head and tentacle ring.
Team Pitagora (Bandhu Dunham, Andy Pollack, Cameron Reed, and Dan McCarney) entered a Kinetic Sculpture in the 2009 International Hot Glass invitational (IHGI). The movement of the kinetic glass artwork was designed specifically to draw the audience into the creative process.
Team Lone Star (Christian Luginger, Kevin Ivey, Micah Evans, and Salt) created Glass World, a giant filigree globe for the 2009 International Hot Glass invitational (IHGI). Tubing was blown into large, flat bubbles to provide the glass for the continents, which were finished off with a blend of frit.
Team Centrifugal Force (David Sandidge, Eric Goldschmidt, Lance Sanford, and Josh Bergesen) presented their Dragon’s Nest at the 2009 International Hot Glass invitational (IHGI). It showcased a three-tiered nest with hatching eggs plus a leaf-and-floral base. The main structure was created using Venetian techniques including incalmos and large flames.
Team Rocker (Marcel Braun, Hamm Brushland, Elijah Copeland, and Carlin C$ Sage) won third place in the 2009 International Hot Glass Invitational (IHGI) with Rocking Vegas, a giant clear-glass rocking chair. The members’ collective ingenuity created a pass-through annealer and overcame obstacles faced during and after transport to the event.
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