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Summer 2020 **Print**

Summer 2020 **Print**
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**This Print on Demand version of the magazine will be available for a limited time only while quantities last. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery of this product. 

The Flow® Summer 2020

The Flow® 2020 Marble and Paperweight Gallery

The work of 27 flameworking artists is featured in The Flow® 2020 Marble and Paperweight Gallery. A collection of beautiful and innovative glass art is showcased that includes florals, sea life and shells, geometric designs, and more.

Beyond the Sphere

How the Contemporary Marble Movement Changed the Paradigms of Shape

by Freddy Faerron

Photography by Brian Bowden, Daniel Benway, Josh Bonazza, Nathan Gorman, Erica Perras, Justin Sevey, and Tim Keyzers

Professional glass artist Freddy Faerron invites marble collector/historian Brian Bowden and artists Daniel Benway, Josh Bonazza, Andrew Brown, Nathan Gorman, Erica Perras, Justin Sevey, and Tim Keyzers to share their ever-expanding relationships with spherical shapes. The artists share tips and techniques developed during their careers as marble artists.

The Power of the Flame

Transforming the Common into Something Special

by Melissa Ayotte

Photography by John W. Hession, Morgan Karanasios, and Melissa Ayotte

Paperweight artist Melissa Ayotte describes how working with glass is a transformation that uses fire to change it from solid to fluid states. In that change, form is discovered or created from what was previously a dull rod of colored glass in the dance at the edge of where the flame meets the supercooled liquid called glass.

The 2019 Michigan Glass Project

Helping Young People Find Art

by Allison Key

Photography by Bang Le, Alex Reyna, and Adam Welch

The community of artists, sponsors, vendors, musicians, and supporters who have joined together to make the Michigan Glass Project successful is astounding. When the nonprofit was created, its members learned what can happen when thousands of people work together for a common cause—introducing young people to art.

Encased Floral Marbles

Text and Demonstration by John Kobuki

Renowned marble artist John Kobuki demonstrates the techniques for creating a lily design encased in clear glass. Layers of petals, leaves, and a stem are added to the maria to develop the interior lily design. The marble is then shaped in the mold and fire-polished to finish. The artist also shares tips for success while flameworking the glass.

Frit Implosion Marble

Text and Demonstration by Vicki Schneider

New York flameworking artist and teacher, Vicki Schneider, demonstrates the steps involved in making an implosion marble, where the design begins on the outside of the glass and ends up inside. Frit is used to create the floral design, which is then encased in clear glass and shaped in a graphite marble mold.

Making a Super Simple Marble Pendant

Text and Demonstration by Sara Sally LaGrand

Award-winning glass artist and author, Sara Sally LaGrand, demonstrates tips and techniques for completing a marble pendant. Murrine coins are used to create the interior floral design. To finish, the pendant is fire-polished to remove any pontil marks.

Daniel “Piper Dan” Benway

Sharing Techniques for a Nightline Marble

by Daniel Benway

Flameworking Photo Stills from the Torch Talk 2017 GAS Conference Video by Mike Mason

Celebrated glass artist Daniel Benway demonstrates how to create a marble with a Nightline design using multiple layers of murrine slices. The artist shares tips and techniques for preparing the glass and murrine, then for finishing the marble interior. Instructions are also provided for performing cold working techniques and doing the final shaping.

Parallels Between Hot Glass & Human Existence

by The Village Iterate

Pearls of wisdom are offered to help flameworkers navigate the fascinating world of glass art. Artists are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of the way each different glass color works, to use new techniques long enough to recognize how they work, and to not be afraid of making mistakes as they learn.

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